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Tips for housing day


During my first term at University, the most stressful day, for me, was housing day. This is the day that Warwick Accommodation starts advertising houses. It was stressful for many reasons; for instance, deciding who to live with and where to live. To try and reduce this stress (especially for freshers who have not experienced housing day), I have three tips.

Foremost, do not ignore any red flags when it comes to deciding who you want to live with. Obviously, it seems logical that you should not enter a housing group with someone who you do not want to live with, but it happens quite a lot. The people-pleaser in you might want to avoid tension by hesitantly agreeing to live with that flat-mate who annoys the crap out of you. Or you may experience pressure from the people around you. However, if this is the case, figure out what you want to do for yourself, and then hold your ground. It is a lot better to be clear about what you want early on as opposed to living in a horrible house for a whole year. From personal experience, I nearly ended up living with someone that I did not want to live with. I was skeptical about this person from the word go, but I kept pushing my doubt to the back of my head. As the year wore on, there were several incidents involving this flat-mate and their relationship with me and my hall-mates broke down. Asking this person to leave the contract, as harsh as it sounds, was the best decision for everyone in the group. The tension that followed this, was worthwhile compared to living a whole year in a hostile household. 

Additionally, do not panic if you do not reserve or get a house on the first day. In the worst-case scenario, some people do not deal with housing till September or October in the next academic year and still find somewhere to live. Houses come up on Warwick Accommodation through-out the year. Also, there is always the option of privately-owned housing. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to find somewhere to live. Moreover, your original housing group may change a lot from what was initially planned. For instance, some people decide not to return to University for the next year. Especially as term two and three goes on, you will find lots of posts on the Facebook Warwick Freshers page advertising people looking for new people to enter the contract. Therefore, keep calm and don’t rush into housing. 

Moreover, if you need adjustments, consider applying for on-campus accommodation. For some people, moving off-campus may be especially difficult. For instance, if you struggle with a medical condition or disability, it may be wise to be on the campus where security and the residential life team are available. If this is the case, consider contacting the Warwick disability service: or the Warwick Wellbeing Support service: 

Good luck with housing day all! 

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