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Tips for freshers week 2016

So this blog is specifically directed at all the students who have been accepted at Warwick university and will be beginning their first year in October! Firstly, hello everyone just want to congratulate you for being successful in securing a place at Warwick because as we all know it is a very prestigious university which will give you a very promising head start into the world of work. And secondly, I hope that your years at university will be as amazing as mine have been so far!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about freshers week which begins in October first week of term. For this week there will be no scheduled lectures however you may have to meet with your personal tutor just so that they can get to know you and ensure that you are settling in well. Having no lectures gives you a fantastic opportunity to familiarise yourself with the campus, the societies as well as your surrounding areas like Leamington Spa. Take this time to explore and soak up the new atmosphere because campus will be buzzing that week! Students hold freshers events during the day which gives you the chance to sign up for clubs and claim some awesome freebies (I bought a couple of posters for my room which were dead cheap and personalised my room). These events are all dedicated to you new students so really make the effort to get involved and discover more about warwick university since you will be spending at least 3 years there!

There are also events held in the evening last year it was the MTV party which lasted saturday and sunday for students that arrived both days! Other events like Rave of Thrones and POP as well as end of freshers party were all fantastic there are even well know bands that come and play for everyone so definitely check out the scene even if you may not enjoy partying you won’t know unless you try. This is also a really important time for you to get to know your new housemates and also meet new people that you may become friends for life. My advice is go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

Freshers week is also a great time to go and explore for example, find out where tesco is, the laundry room as well as the rooms your lectures will be in! I would also recommend visiting Leamington Spa and Kenilworth so you can get your bearings I personally love Leamington Spa there are tons of shops, restaurants and clubs to visit (so excited to live there this year).

Finally, just a small note for those of you who may be feeling nervous about meeting new people and moving away from home, what made me feel a bit more relaxed is the understanding that everybody around you is feeling the exact same way. The best thing you can do is be yourself, take part in the things that you are interested in and surround yourself with people that make you happy. I hope that you all have the best time in October, if any of you would like to see a friendly face and help you navigate around campus please drop me and email and I would be happy to come and help you. I hope you enjoy freshers week and good luck with this next chapter of your life!

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