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Tips For A Cosy Student Bedroom

Of course your University bedroom won’t compare to your cosy, homely bedroom back home – BUT there are a few things you can do to spruce up your bedroom to make it feel that little bit more homely. I have to admit that the things I’ve listed are more on the feminine side haha, so feel free to alter things in order to suit your taste and personality!


A lot of Uni students have this, where they’ll print off tons of pictures of friends and family from home and make a great collage on their bedroom pin board or wall. Mine is forever growing and it definitely makes me feel more at home when I’m constantly reminded of all my loved ones back home. I haven’t inserted a picture of my own picture collage because I’m not too sure my friends and family would want me to post their faces on here! One thing that I can recommend however is an app called Free Prints, which you can download on your phone and select up to 45 free photos per month that you want to print. Having the app on your phone is so easy because you can select photos from your Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook etc., however you can also access Free Prints on their website too. The photos are completely free, you only have to pay for postage – bargain! So grab some blue tack and start creating your collage!




To be honest, I thought I would use my blanket loads at Uni but it normally just acts as an accessory on the end of my bed… which I think looks great! It adds a nice cosy touch in my opinion, along with my fluffy stuffed dog from home – bring any stuffed toys you have so you have that little piece of home with you. I got my blanket from Primark Home, a bargain of £5, you definitely can’t go wrong with Primark Home bits for Uni bedroom decorations.



These are essential for making your Uni bedroom full of life (well not really essential), you can place fairy lights over your desk or around the mirror on your wall, and they’re cheap too! The ones I bought were £2.50 from Primark, again another bargain, and they’re battery operated so you don’t have to worry about finding a plug socket for them. I’d definitely recommend Primark for some budget-friendly fairy lights, they have so many different styles too, I’m pretty tempted to cover my whole room in fairy lights.



I LOVE lighting candles when I’m at home because everything smells amazing and I simply love walking into a room that smells great. So when I found out that we’re not allowed to light candles in our Uni bedrooms, I was slightly heartbroken until I realised that reed diffusers would be a great alternative! These don’t have to be pricey ones either, I got mine for £2-£3 from B&M and I can smell it as soon as I walk into my room. You don’t have to get a super fragrant one either, even one that smells of clean linen will make your room that extra bit more special and homely.


I hope these tips have given you a few ideas on how to vamp up your dull Uni bedroom into a place that is more personal to you. Of course there are plenty more things you could do to make your room the ultimate cosy zone, leave any ideas you have in the comments below!


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