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Time to Say Goodbye – My Final Post

Dear All,

Regrettably, as my final term at the University of Warwick comes to an end, this post is going to be the last that I make with Warwick University Student Blogs. I decided that the most appropriate topic for this post would be the most important things that I have learned while at university. So, for the last time, here is a little list:

It is no lie that university prepares you very well for the ‘real world’ and it is also no lie that the world of ‘grown-ups’ is composed of a good portion of bull****. Through various class presentations, interviews and conversations with strangers, I can safely say that my capacity to effectively waffle about a given topic has increased dramatically since being at university. This is a skill which is always useful in life and anybody who tells you otherwise is (ironically) lying.

I certainly was not the epitome of health when I came to university. I was pretty chubby, pretty sedentary and pretty unfit. What’s more, for the first two years of my uni life, this didn’t improve…if anything, it got worse. However, as the years went on, I matured and realised the importance of staying healthy. This epiphany encouraged me to lose weight, to do more exercise and to generally keep an eye on my wellbeing. This is something that is always worth keeping in mind for people of any age and will serve you well as you grow older.

When in secondary school, obviously everybody was able to make friends but a lot of it was down to circumstance; you went to the same school, you attended the same classes or you were part of the same team/club. University is a lot bigger and generally, there is a lot more choice for who you want as your friend. This wealth of choice coupled with constant introductions to new people means that you can very easily hone your abilities to actually start a friendship but also to identify with whom you would actually like to be friends.

In terms of social awareness, this was definitely the biggest lesson that I learned at university. Coming from the relatively sheltered and isolated area of Lincolnshire that I do, before coming to Warwick, I was never fully aware of just how diverse the world is. When this is your childhood experience, it is very easy to mistakenly think that things, to a certain extent, revolve around you. This realisation helped to ground me a lot and to (sorry for the cliché) ‘look at the bigger picture’; definitely something that needs to be done to ensure that you don’t become insufferable to everyone you meet.

And there we have it, my final list. Hopefully it demonstrates the true all-roundedness of a university education and how you don’t just learn about your subject of study while you’re away but you are also prepared to function effectively and successfully as an individual in the world of grown-ups’.

Thank you very much to everyone who has read any of my semi-coherent ramblings over the past year and a bit. I have had a smashing time working with Warwick University Student Blogs and hope that at least something that I have said in here has helped in some way or another. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, whether that be at Warwick University, another institution or something completely different.


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