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Time to Reflect

Since the academic year began, juggling various roles and identities in our lives, there has barely been time to stop and reflect.  But, these holidays provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened this year, to acknowledge all that has been achieved; what has been done well and what could have been done differently.  A time to reflect on whether you are following your heart’s desire or doing something because it is expected of you.   I use Gibbs’ model by starting with what happened [the description] and working my way round clockwise by looking at my feelings, evaluating and analysing the situation and coming up with an action plan.

Once you have reflected on the gifts and lessons of 2019, it is time to look forward to 2020; to set goals and intentions to live your best life ever yet so far.  When you have focus and intent, you can achieve.  Where your focus goes, energy flows according to Tony Robbins who argues your goals must also have meaning and purpose. 

I like to use Year Compass to reflect on the past and the future and I also came across the Institute of You website with some great questions to encourage self-reflection.  It is great to think and scribble alone but also good to get together with friends, so you can remind each other of things that have been overlooked or forgotten. and reminisce over the ‘good times’. 

May your holidays bring many blessings and may your future be so bright you’ve got to wear shades xXx


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