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Time to choose Accommodation!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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I have received many questions about how to choose your on-campus accommodation. I would say that there is not only a route to make the best decision.

I believe every accommodation have something special. Even if you do not like it at first, you will be sharing amazing experiences with some people that in most cases, become your new family, your closest friends and maybe year 2 and 3 flatmates.

My accommodation was based on which is the cheapest one but there are many factors you should consider too. Do you mind sharing a bathroom? Do you want to leave with many people or do you prefer a small flat? Do you want to be near the central campus, the sports hub, walking routes, nature,…?

There are also many stereotypes about Warwick Accommodation. Some believe Rootes is the worst but I do not think so. I have many friends there and they really enjoy it. One friend chose it as her first option which is not so common and she has never regretted it! Others believe Sherbourne is so far away. I love walking so I do not mind going there to meet some friends. Also, it is near the Sports hub and some basketball courts! But of course, if you don’t like walking, I recommend you to have a bike or just use one of the bikes and electric scooters that are all around campus.

If you want to be near the piazza, Oculus, learning grid, library, most of the facilities,… I recommend you choose accommodation in Central Campus. You have Whitefields (my accommodation ), Rootes, Jack Martin, Arthur Vick, Bluebell, Social and Claycroft (This is a bit farther but very close to Tesco). Another point to consider if you mind sharing a bathroom or not. Jack Martin, Arthur Vick and Bluebell are en suite while the others are shared bathroom. I was so afraid about sharing a bathroom as I have always had one just for me but it is not a big deal!

Cryfield standard and townhouses are also so close to the piazza and to the Sports Hub. In the first one, you shared a bathroom with up to 6 people, while in townhouses you have an en suite. Also, you should think about the laundry facilities. These two accommodations provide you with it while in others such as Rootes and Whitefields you have to go to a common laundry. Cryfield Standard also has a study space in each block.

In relation to the application process, you have to do it through the Warwick Accommodation Website. There you will select up to 6 accommodation (3 shared bathroom and 3 ensuites). If you are under 18, you will have to choose just en suite accommodation. I hope you get your first option and you enjoy your flat like me.

Remember that all the accommodations are self-catered so be prepared to cook some new and delicious dishes. You can also order food or go to eat in one of the on-campus restaurants. There are many options available!

Wish you best of luck!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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