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Time Management Tips for Making the Most of Your Days

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

When many people are asked on what skill they wish they could improve on overall and more often than not it’s usually a resonating statement of “time management”. With so many things going on everyday with lectures and and occasional unexpected scheduling it may feel as if there is barely enough hours in a day to accomplish all the tasks lined up in front of you. Throw in the fact that you still have to make sure you accommodate time to feed yourself, do laundry and other chores that you may have taken for granted during the blissful days when your mum was there to take care of these daily tasks for you.

Having a planner has definitely been something that has made a significant difference in my overall life, and it enables me to manage my time in greater detail. The planner I’ve used throughout my time at University has been the Palgrave student planner, this can be purchased at the bookstore on campus and what is really helpful about the structure of this particular planner is that it is especially tailored for students in the UK. It even goes as far to include a section for contact details of personal tutors, key term dates and holidays and even a helpful conversion table across different measurement systems. While I do consistently write down all my lectures and schedules on a daily basis in order to plan out my week accordingly, also making reminders on my phone calendar is important for me when it comes to my time management as I always have my phone with me and effectively am able to see constant reminders on my itinerary which ensures that I am staying on track throughout the day.

By blocking out each day of your week, you can see when certain assignments are due in relation to other course work or priorities that you may have and by doing so this means you are also able to plan times when you can enjoy yourself and socialise with friends. Balance is crucial when it comes to managing your time and this especially becomes apparent during your years at University. Developing a good sense of time management whilst still studying at university equips you with essential skills that are applied further by the time you venture into the working world.

Make sure that you stay committed to meetings or societies that you involve yourself with and especially when it comes to meeting lecturers for office hours or appointments with any faculty whether it be your personal tutor or just a lecturer. Lecturers themselves have tight schedules to adhere to especially if they teach multiple classes and seminars. Many times they give up their vacant times to accommodate you and if you consistently show up late this not only is a large inconvenience and frustration for them, but it may affect other students who have booked appointments after you.Time is a precious commodity and it goes by much faster than you expect, so in order to maximise your time ensure you progress through each day with the satisfction and fulfillment that you have been efficient with your time.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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