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Time for tea: how to have your best

Hello people!

I lived with a mathematician last year who surprisingly likes reading and does not use a calculator. I got the tea-bug from him as in I am now in love with tea. Like he is. So I was sharing tea love on my newly made Twitter account when a fellow blogger Shanita from the PAIS department gave me the idea of writing this blog.

If you are not into tea, here are some reasons to get into it..NOW (not that I’m being passive aggressive)…

– Otherwise, you are missing out

– Keeps you hydrated while being not as strong as coffee

– Can give you the Jane Austen feels especially when coupled with a book

– There is a tea for every mood. Here’s how!


The morning cup of tea

If you are a morning person (like me) and want a warm drink coupled with the beautiful singing of birds and the freshness of a new beginning, then immerse yourself further in the beauty of Nature with a cup of ‘Black Tea with Rose‘ from Tescos or Teapigs’ ‘Jasmine Pearls‘ tea.

If you are the person who wakes up at mid-day then go for a ‘Masala Chai‘ for a spicy start. I would personally feel more tired if I wake up late and not in a good mood either so something like a Masala Chai would be very helpful in providing me some energy.


When working in a busy office

With the amount of work that needs to be done mounting, a sweet smell of Twinings Superblends Glow is all that’s needed to bring a smile on everyone’s face. I remember making this one in the Chaplaincy once and someone in the kitchen actually asked me about my tea because they liked the smell so much.


To couple with lunch

I would go for the ‘Original chai‘ with Pukka. The liquorice in the tea completely changes the story around and its taste is very different from the Tea India’s Masala Chai. It took me a few tries but I like this one as well now.


When trying to recover from panic/anger/frustration/sadness and need to refresh your brain

Go for a Refresh Infusion (Tescos). Get soaked in the fragrances and let mother Nature do the job. This one is great if you need to calm down a little and get distracted from whatever it is you want to.


In the evening, after a long busy day

I personally go for the Royal Chai’s Saffron Chai but I never found this at Tescos and always buy it from my local Indian shop when I go home. If you find any Indian shops around, they should have the Royal Chai tea and my favourite ones are Saffron Chai, Karak Chai and Masala Chai.


Dinner time!

For dinner, there is the one and only Twinings Superblends Sleep tea. It is designed for sleep – it works. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. If you like to slowly wind down at the end of a busy day with a bit of mindfulness, a diary entry and a book, then this tea will be a super effective addition to your routine. If you just fall in bed when you need to, then treat yourself to this tea and your brain would feel less all over the place and it might help you with falling asleep. At this point, I feel like Twinings should just give me a job to promote superblends sleep tea.


When studying at night

You want decaffeinated tea but also something spicy so go for ‘Wild Apple and Cinnamon‘ by Pukka. It has a lovely taste and smell but I find it stronger than the sleep tea in terms of its taste so it is perfect for night time if you want to stay up perhaps an hour or two longer to get work done. If you’re pulling an all-nighter, it has to be coffee.


If you have any favourite teas, please do share in the comments! I am always looking to add to my collection. But, please, no Camomile.

  • Catherine Osborne Modern Languages

    The blog I never knew I needed! I love Twinings’ Salted Caramel Green Tea, as well as their Chocolate and Coconut Green Tea- give it a try, a lot of people recoil at their description, but love them once they muster the courage to drink them. I also love a Teapigs Three Ginger in the evenings


    • Manpreet Kaur Chemistry

      Ooh you sound like a green tea fan. I couldn’t quite get into it but never knew you get flavoured ones as well. Will definitely give these a go! Must try the ginger one as well. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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