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Tilburg Rowing Camp

Our long easter break is done and week one of Term 3 is already over as well! Time seems to be flying now – especially since my last exam is in Week 6 of this term.

I really enjoyed my easter break – not much revision was achieved to be quite frank, as my two assessed essays did take up most of my time. I spent most of it in the UK with my family and family friends, but there was one exciting (and exhausting) week spent in Tilburg in the Netherlands!

Most sport clubs have tours throughout the year, and they’re usually fun, relaxed weeks off somewhere new – but if you’re a rower, this will not be the case. We had a week long training camp using Tilburg University’s impressively big boathouse, and a river that is so beautiful and wide, that it’s lovely to row on. We trained about 2-3 times a day, and a lot of food was consumed. We travelled coach, first by ferry from Dover to Calais then continued on our way to Tilburg. I’ve never been to the Netherlands before, but this trip didn’t show me much as we stayed near the boathouse in a Safari Park (funky Zebra patterned bungalows) so it didn’t really feel like we were in a different country.

The reason we go to Tilburg to train for a week is to get as much training as we can for BUCs Regatta (which is this weekend by the way!). We usually row on a river which is a 25 minute drive from campus, but it’s a bit narrow and a bit too windy – so going to Tilburg where the river has about 6 lanes was a huge step up.

After many painful and infected blisters, I came back from the trip shattered, but it was definitely worth it. Us girls will race tomorrow and hopefully we’ll smash it!

One thing we had to do on the trip was ‘Fresh Factor’ where we had to perform as smaller groups in front of everyone else, and the exec would vote if our performance passed or failed. For those who failed – they had to do a forfit (which was on the last night). Our group did a parody on the song ‘I Will Survive’ – changing the lyrics with rowing references, and we managed to pass:

Here are some other photos I took on my time there:


If you have any questions, please comment down below!

– Rana x

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