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Three ways to spend your first exam free day!

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As exams come to an end, like the majority, I’m looking forward to days free from the confines of the Library. At the same time you might be visiting Warwick and want to explore the local area. In the spirit of better, exam free days to come I’ve spent time researching some of the best Warwickshire days- here are my top picks.

Kenilworth – Castles

Close to campus? Do you know you’re only a 5km walk away from Kenilworth? Head to Cryfield Pavilion and follow the marked walking paths to head straight to Kenilworth across fields and Crackley Woods.

Once you arrive in Kenilworth you can walk around Abbey Fields. Set on the land of the now ruined St. Mary’s Abbey you can enjoy the lake, outdoor swimming pool or tennis courts.

If you continue through the park you’ll head towards Kenilworth Castle. Initially established in the 1120s, the castle has been expanded by many a king until it was gifted to Robert Dudley by Queen Elizabeth I. The Castle now remains a ruin, however it sits strikingly next to the Elizabethan Gardens, beautifully maintained throughout the year.

The Castle remains a favourite of mine since my first visit as a tourist when I was 13. As one of the most significant historical sites in the UK it deserves a visit.

Once you’ve visited, why not grab some food at one of the quaint cafes or pubs nearby?

Campus to Kenilworth Walk:

Kenilworth Castle Info & Prices:

Leamington Spa – Gardens

If you’re looking for a place for lunch there’s no better place than Leamington. Check out the shops and eateries along the half-a-mile parade, which is also a great way to experience the best of regency architecture.

Jephson Gardens is a must for any visit. These quintessential, formal Victorian gardens sit next to the river Leam. If, like the Victorians, you would like to “take the air” and “be seen”, this Grade II listed site is a must. The Gardens also house the Riverside Glasshouse which contains tropical plants, goldfish ponds and sculptures.

If you want to explore another part of Leamington check out Chesterton Windmill. Built in 1632, this Grade I listed Windmill has commanding views of the Warwickshire Countryside. Try organising a picnic and taking in the rolling countryside away from the hustle and bustle of Leamington.

Jephson Gardens:

Chesterton Windmill:

Coventry – Museums

Next to Coventry Airport, the Midland Air Museum was founded by a local group of enthusiasts in 1967. Now the museum is one of the best self-funded independent aviation museums in the country. The museum has over 45 aircrafts, one of the largest being a Vulcan Bomber – notoriously used during the Cold War.

If you’d like another park suggestion check out Coombe Abbey. On the site of Coombe Abbey Hotel, there are 500 acres of parkland to explore here for free. Originally an Abbey and surrendered to Henry VIII during the dissolution of the monasteries, this site used to be one of the childhood homes of Elizabeth I. Walk by the 80 acre lake or head to the resident Go Ape site for a different view of the parkland.

Midland Air Museum:

Coombe Abbey:

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emily Alger | Mathematics and Statistics (BSc MMathStat) Contact Emily

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