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Thoughts on my second year of studying Law


 All done with my second year of Law School! Term 1 and Term 2 zoomed past so quickly, and yet I feel like I’ve been in Term 3 and studying and sitting exams for much longer than a few weeks! I just finished off my term with my Constitutional and Administrative Law exam on Monday, and since then I’ve just been trying to get used to not having to study everyday 🙂 Last year, I wrote a blog post to reflect on my first year ( and I find it really interesting to read how I felt this time last year, so I’m back with another blog to recap second year! If you’re starting Law at Warwick soon, I hope this can give you a glimpse of what Law School is like.


First, I found this year very intense from start to finish, which was a big change from first year. During the beginning of the year I was busy with applications, getting used to living off-campus, and starting a new part-time job at the Library, second term was marked by coursework because my optional modules were essay-based (mostly), and my third term was fully taken over by exam prep. 


I remember having much more free time my first year, partly just because I lived on central campus and any journeys I made for lectures and seminars were just a few minutes long, while I spend much longer parts of my days on the bus now. I also put more time into reading and seminar prep during my second year, as the concepts we studied took me more time to understand and get used to. I think there definitely is a shift in workload from first to second year which I didn’t expect (despite having been warned about it by older students last year!). A lot of the concepts were more multi-layered than in first year, and for many modules it was very important to understand how everything fit together and how different topics interacted with each other, which is not always an easy thing to grasp.


Being busy does not mean I haven’t absolutely loved this year though, and I think I’ve actually ended up enjoying it more than my first year. The two optional modules I took (International Law + Writing Human Rights) were quite challenging but I don’t regret picking them as they were so interesting. They’ve also helped me figure out which modules I want to take next year, because I picked modules that would allow me to study aspects of each of these in more depth, and so I’m super excited to find out more about these (although very glad for the summer break before!). 


Because I struggled with the content more this year and was quite a bit busier overall, I became more aware of where to seek support when I needed it, and I am really grateful for all the help I received. During revisions, I met with a lot of our module convenors to ask for help clarifying some concepts, and that helped make revisions a lot less stressful. Beyond lecturers, reaching out to my personal tutor and to Student Careers & Skills was also so helpful throughout the year. Finally, the power of study sessions with course-mates cannot be underestimated, and our hours spent writing down essay plans, and working through difficult topics on whiteboards during revisions were well spent 🙂


Overall, I’ve had so much fun this year, and while I’m happy to be done with exams, I’m also glad I still have a couple of weeks on campus to enjoy some of the summer at Warwick <3 

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