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Thoughts From The First Day Back

First day back and I already need a nap…

I hope you all had a great first day back and are feeling ready for term 2! I’m feeling okay, pretty tired as I had a fairly long day but slowly I’ll get back into a routine. The stress is slowly building up as my exam approaches on Thursday (I’m sure you’re all feeling the same about your exams and deadlines), but try to keep calm everyone. Remember to take breaks and time out for yourself to still relax, you don’t want to go crazy in the first week. Maybe go out for a meal with your flat as a reunion gathering after the Christmas break? Or go for a pamper session? I’ve booked myself a haircut for Wednesday – some may see it as losing revision time but I see it as a revision break haha.

Also, be sure to have a mini celebration after your January exam/deadline – I have mine all planned out. Straight after my exam on Thursday, I’m off to get my nails done yay and then I’m going to Smack! I literally can’t wait, that is my motivation to get through all of this revision. Warwick Psychology Society are doing a Kelsey’s and Smack social event on Thursday this week (the 12th), so definitely come along! However, obviously we’ll have to return and focus on our other deadlines for this term very soon, for me I have to start my next deadline straight away, but celebrate while you can.

On another note, apparently its going to SNOW this weekend?! I haven’t even brought any wellies or snow boots with me so I might need to get prepared. If only Uni could be like school where it would be closed when there was snow…

I haven’t got much else to say at the moment, but I hope you all manage to tackle the first week back. Try not to get too stressed and overwhelmed with exams and deadlines! Just do your best and otherwise blame it on all the Christmas plans you had and lack of revision time, that’s what I’ll probably do haha 🙁 Also, be sure to take time out to look after yourself, relax and have fun too. Studying 24/7 will make you go crazy!


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