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Thoughts about being a Mature Student

This morning I am sat in a coffee shop in Coventry town centre. My daughter Faith is at nursery, so I have some time to read for my dissertation and chill before she’s picked up later. I don’t find it very easy to do any university work at home, usually because my daughter is there or because I always find something else I could do like washing, ironing…. You know the sort of thing especially if you are a mother… the work is never done. So, for me I like to find nice quiet coffee shops where they have free Wi-Fi. If I’m up at university I usually use the library, as books surround me and there is always somewhere quiet to read, study and use a computer.

I can’t quite believe there is only a couple of weeks left of the school holidays, I can guess like me you are counting down to the day you child / children go back to school. It’s not that we don’t love our children very much, however, 6 weeks of them being at home everyday is not easy to fill with ‘free’ stuff to do. Plus when you’re a student money is always tight during the summer break; roll on October when we get our money!

I don’t know about anyone else, but right now I’m doubting whether I’ve picked the right modules for my final year, I’m also questioning my dissertation topic! It took me so long to think about but now I’m wondering whether I’ve picked the right thing. I guess what I’m trying to say from the little experience I have that all this is normal. I may change my modules or topic for my dissertation but whether I do or not, I know that everything will work out ok.

If you are new to CLL this year, believe me when I say, there are many times during your degree that you will question what you are doing, whether you are doing the right thing, whether you should continue, whether you can actually make it and pass your degree. I know I’ve thought these things all the way through, and I also know I’m not on my own. These seem to be normal thoughts that go through the minds of ‘mature’ students. What with everything else we have to cope with, whether that is family members, be it parents or children, work or the lack of work and finances. Being a mature student isn’t always easy. Then you have those doubts of ‘all those youngsters being better than us or not fitting in with the norm’. Change isn’t always easy but what I can say for me this is the best thing I have ever done, although it hasn’t been an easy ride. Life circumstances crop up and throw us off guard; however, there is always amazing support from CLL and other university departments. They do understand ‘mature’ students and how our lives are different from the traditional student.

I guess what I’m trying to say in a very long winded way is that if you want to achieve your degree you can, there is nothing that can get in your way, it won’t always be easy; however, I have personally grown in confidence and learnt so much along the way. Make sure if you are struggling at any point that you talk to people, especially people who will help and support you, that’s what they are there for. CLL want you to succeed too.

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