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This summer :)

So since we’ve finished my coursemates and I have spent a few nights together just catching up on the ordinary things that we hadn’t done during revision! Following this I’ve been mainly sorting out my work from the year and tidying the flat. I am so ready for this summer it’s looking like the best yet.

Thursday my flatmates and I are heading to Wembley to see England v Portugal. It’s disappointing that Ronaldo won’t be playing following the Champions League final but I am looking forward to seeing the England team pre-Euros. Hopefully we stand a bit of chance this year! Afterwards we are staying at a friend’s house in Watford.

After that I will be back in Leamington for a week or so until I head home but then I am going to Amsterdam for a few days with my friends from home. When I get back from there I am then working for six weeks which I am incredibly excited for! I’ll have to do another blog on this later as I will speak in depth about it all of it.

One weekend in July I am also going to London for a few days with my friends to Star Wars Celebration Europe. While I’m there I will be staying with a few friends who are working in London over the summer so no doubt we will be heading down something like South Bank on the Saturday night!

It doesn’t end there, then I am heading to Rome for a week with my parents after I finish working. Putting together an itinerary for doing everything in Rome in a short amount of time is not easy. There is so much to do! What I have planned so far is a few ancient Rome days and a few renaissance period days.

Once again, it doesn’t end there. Two weeks after I’ve been to Rome I am travelling South East Asia for four weeks with a friend from home and a friend from university. I hope you will keep checking back as I will be updating this blog constantly with pictures! Until then…

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