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This One Life Hack will change your University Life!

Tanishk Saha India
Tanishk Saha | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Contact Tanishk

Hi guys, welcome to Warwick; more specifically, welcome to Warwick PPE! I can’t say that I approve of your decision (I’m being sarcastic); but, I can guarantee that you are going to have the time of your lives! University is an amazing experience; learning a new discipline (or learning about the same discipline from a new perspective), making new friends, figuring out how to survive on your own, crying about doing the dishes and finishing your essays are some of the memorable highlights of life at university (I’m not joking). For me, university life is extremely liberating; as an international student coming from a boarding school background, I was anticipating an environment much more restrictive (modelling from my experiences at school). However, I was extremely surprised by the freedom we get; you have the choice to pick your classes, fix up your own meals, and plan your entire day on your own terms. What’s not to like? It may seem like a drudge, but it does grow on you. In the words of Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re going to love it!

  Anyway, moving on to what I’m talking about. This one life hack helped me survive my first year; now that I’m in second year, it is my LITERAL lifeline. This one thing plays an instrumental role in my life at Warwick, and it will continue to do so through my time here. Enough waffling, time for the big reveal. Wait for it… THE PPE COMMON ROOM! I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, what now? What difference is a common room going to make to my life? Is this guy off his rocker?” To be completely honest with you, there may be a few screws loose in my head, but this is one thing that I can never be wrong about.  

The PPE common room has been one of the resources which I have vigorously used (and sometimes abused) during my time at Warwick.

It is a common room exclusive to PPE (and PPL) students; it is meant to be a place for you to relax and unwind while on campus. Have an hour to kill, and don’t want to head back to your accommodation? Head to the common room. Want to have a chill cup of (free; emphasis on FREE) coffee with your friends? Call them to the common room! Want to get an opinion on an essay plan you’ve drafted from your peers? Head to the common room. Interested in a discussion ranging from Harry Potter to Greta Thunberg and everything in between? The common room is the place to be. More than a place, it is home to a great community of PPE and PPL students; I have met some of my closest friends at university in the common room. I cannot stress on how invaluable it is to your mental health and well-being, while also being a safe space for you to relax. If there was one piece of ‘wisdom’ that I could pass on to you from my years as a Warwick PPE student, it would be this; “Go to the common room (just in case I hadn’t made it clear enough already).” Guard this secret with your life (I’m kidding; or am I?).    I wish you luck on your journey through Warwick PPE; if ever you need anyone to talk to, or a different perspective on anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You’ll probably find me in the common room (it’s my home now); if not, just pop me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Happy trails!

Tanishk Saha India
Tanishk Saha | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Contact Tanishk

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