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Third Year so Far

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The other Liberal Arts blogger, Jagoda has already written her view on third year so far, so I figured that it was my turn now!

It’s the end of Term 2, and I’m writing this in Easter with a mass of deadlines due in May, including a Dissertation. Time is going by so quickly and it’s only started to dawn on me that I’ve only got one term left of Liberal Arts and of being at Warwick. In case you haven’t read the first blog I wrote, I’ve been at Warwick for a little longer than most people in my year, and I have still loved every minute.

Last year, Term 2 was entirely in lockdown so I didn’t come back to Warwick until after Easter, but having had my Term 2 back, I can honestly say, it’s been hard. They’re not wrong when they tell you that third year is hard, particularly when you have a Dissertation to write and, if like me, none of your modules are examined so you just have piles of coursework which make you feel a sense of dread. Don’t get me wrong, I still love third year, but I can’t help but feel a little bittersweet and nostalgic.

This year has been slightly different and much busier for me, and that’s not just to do with the module choices. 90% of my time at Warwick outside of my degree has been dedicated to Warwick Marrow, a society that is incredibly important to me and personal to me. Warwick Marrow (There are 50+ Marrow groups around the UK and Ireland) is a student lead branch of the nationwide charity, Anthony Nolan, and Anthony Nolan helps find lifesaving matches for people with some form of a blood cancer or blood disorder, Warwick Marrow sign people up to the register (Whilst you’re here, why not consider joining the Stem Cell register at I’ve been on the Warwick Marrow committee 3 times, I’m also currently on the National Marrow committee which is the overarching committee for all Marrow groups, which is honestly such an incredibly experience (I just can’t get enough of Marrow), I also work at Warwick Arts Centre as an Event Steward which is also a whole lot of fun, I write these blogs and, like Jagoda, I am on the Liberal Arts SSLC. I’ve also started to relearn how to play the Drums (I first learned when IW as 15). Alongside this, I’ve been trying to research my dissertation, keep on top of my coursework and still manage to have a social life! To put it simply, it’s been tough. It was definitely a challenge to take on so much in my final year, but I wanted to try and grasp every opportunity I could, and I have no regrets.

So, what’s next for me? I’ve applied for PGCEs. For those of you who don’t know what that is, that’s a teaching qualification, and I’ve applied (and got my place) to teach Primary School! I’ve said this the whole time in this blog, I’m sad that my undergrad is finishing, but I am so excited to see what the future brings! All that’s left to do now is complete my mass amounts of deadlines and (start) my dissertation.

Jagoda gave you a list of things she’s learned this year, so I thought it would be appropriate to give you mine;

  1. Never doubt how helpful it is to have your friends to talk to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. More often than not, they’ll know how you feel or will be in the same position as you.
  2. Don’t dedicate your entire life to your degree. Make sure your social life gets some attention to otherwise you’ll burn out. At the same time, understand that you will need to say no sometimes, and you don’t need to feel bad about it.
  3. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. I know Jagoda said this too, but it rings true for me too. Perfection is unrealistic, if you’ve done the best you can do, then that’s still amazing.
  4. Again, I know Jagoda mentioned this, but don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is different, and someone else’s best work won’t be the same as yours.
  5. Lastly, make the most of your final year (the same applies to whatever year you’re in)! You won’t get to repeat it again.

University is one of the best experiences you’ll have. Do I regret taking on so much? Sometimes. However, I’ve still had a great time doing it.

Finally, if you haven’t read Jagoda’s blog, you can do so here:

See how our experiences have differed and how we’re finding our final year!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
I love reading and listening to music. I am also…
Find out more about me Contact Krishna

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