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Third Year Reflection: How the Past 3 Years at Warwick Has Changed me

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

It still has not sunk in how fast graduation is approaching and I still look back at my first few blog posts at Warwick with fondness, as I recall all the different memories I have accumulated over the past three years. While there are so many fun memories I have made here, great people and lifelong friends, there have also been a fair share of tough life lessons and roadblocks that I feel has greatly shaped my attitude and personality to how it is now. Reflecting back to how I was when I first started at Warwick as a fresher- I was less outspoken and while I was still as extroverted as I am now, I tended to alway be worries about pleasing people and making sure everyone liked me. After learning the hard way that you cannot please everyone and to stop conforming in order to appeal to others. if you feel you need to change who you are or watch how you act in order for certain people to like you, these people are not worth your effort, especially in such situations where it is as if you are unable to let your guard down and have fun without feeling as if they will disapprove or judge you. different personalities mesh well with one another, in the same way that certain personalities clash. Everyone is different and have different outlooks, mindsets and preferences and you are not in control of anyone else but yourself and your own emotions. This are one of the lessons I had to learn the hard way and have come to accept that I am who I am and that while people may want to stir up drama, (as many university students unfortunately still seek), it is only up to you to be the better person and accept who you are and the situation and move forward. many of these mundane and petty problems you may feel have such a large impact on you in the current state will not even matter in a years time, so why be caught up and upset over small bumps in the road of your very long stretch of life?

Additionally what I have learned after reading many reflective books, blog posts and inspirational articles is that. Something I recommend you guys try especially during the times you feel you have reached an emotional and mental rut, is to explore the free podcast series on Spotify or iTunes titled “Optimal Living Daily”. This podcast series was actually recommended to me by one of my closest friends here at Warwick who told me that it really helped her have a more positive and self reflective outlook on how she lives her life especially during the times when stress is at it’s peak and it seems like the days are overcome with problems and unfavourable situations.

Independence is definitely is one of the biggest self developments that I feel comes so naturally now, compared to three years ago. I feel very much self reliant and more like a responsible and functioning adult. In effect, I have learned to make good choices and stick to my gut instincts in different situations. I have also begun to appreciate being alone; as a very sociable person while being around others is always something I enjoy doing and feel very comfortable doing, I noticed that I always felt as if i had to be around people to be happy but it has only really been this year where I have found a sense of comfort in individual down time away from everyone where I can just focus on myself and my needs. This is a very important form of self-love and care which I wish that I had discovered earlier on in my youth.

My undergraduate years here have been fulfilling with many ups and downs and I feel that I would not be who I am today and as driven and self motivated if I had not encountered many of the situations that I have experienced over the past few years. And while I may be embarking on a new chapter of my life as an employed adult I am so grateful for all these memories here and Warwick both the good and the bad, and all the support that I have received from staff and close friends I have made whilst being here.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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