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Third Year Dissertations and Second Year Results

What’s this? It’s week three of the summer break? Surely you jest? But no, it really was the start of the month when I took the last load of washing out of the drier, shoved it into a suitcase and came home, and my Facebook feed is now full of third- and fourth-years graduating. This time last week I got my results – I’ve ended the year with an overall high 2:1. It’s a slightly lower score than last year, and annoyingly just on the wrong side of the 70% boundary for a first, but I’ll take it – after all, a 2:1 is all I need to stay on the MEng! Unlike first year, this score will actually count towards my overall degree classification, a scary thought indeed. As said before, I certainly don’t feel like I’m halfway to graduation…

There’s still a few jobs to keep me busy – from last year, I learnt it’s always better to sort out the utilities before you start the tenancy on a new house, as taught by a week of phoning up energy companies and commuting to the library to leech off the wifi. It’s also time to start thinking about my dissertation – I now know who my supervisor is, so I’ll be dropping them a line in the next couple of days to make contact. I picked mine from the list and was allocated my fourth choice, which is non-ideal, but I’m still looking forward to getting stuck in. I still have to sit down with my supervisor and properly define the project, but I’m hoping for some pratical elements for the chance to play around with the wave flumes in the civil lab.

As 25% of my third year, the dissertation will be my first proper piece of independent work; horrible as lab reports were, there were only ten pages to fill! My main challenge will be keeping on top of things and making sure I’m keeping a good level of work throughout the year – I expect to come out the other end with at least somewhat improved organisational skills. Between that and my societies, it’s looking like third year will have more than enough to keep me occupied. Bring on October!

Until next time!

Nathan L

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