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Third Year Careers/Further Education Advice

Hello everyone!

Although many of my fellow third years will now be turning their minds towards getting that dissertation finished, there are probably a few of you out there who still haven’t thought about your career prospects. If you haven’t already applied, now is the crucial time to be applying for a Masters, a PHD or other Postgraduate studies, or applying for job positions if you know what you want to do.

It is therefore paramount that you keep on top of all the assignments you will have over the start of the new term, as you will probably also be juggling your applications, anything you have to do to prepare for them and any interviews or tests that you may be invited to do. Getting all of this out of the way at the beginning of the academic year, before your final exams and dissertation, will help remove unnecessary stress and distractions.

If you are unsure about anything, seek advice from your university tutors and your careers service and get them to check your applications. Also, generally postgraduate courses don’t have strict application deadlines, but admissions are on a first come first serve basis, so it’s worth making your applications early as you will be more likely to succeed. Make an effort to attend any careers fairs that your university may offer, as this can open up contacts, networks and avenues that may be of great use to you.

You will most likely have to rewrite your personal statement and update your CV, again, your careers advisor will be able to help with this process. In certain cases, you may also be required (or it would be preferable) to have some relevant work experience within the field you would like a job in, so you need to allow yourself enough time to do this. Another thing to note is that arts and humanities sectors are often very competitive so you will want to give yourself the best chance at success by starting early and planning ahead!

Thanks for reading!Kristie

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