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Third Week in

It’s the third week already; those first few weeks have flown by, well they have for me. If this is your first year up at university hope you are settling in well and finding the places you need. If you’re still struggling getting to grips around the uni campus don’t worry about it, you’ll get there. You may also be seeing the difference in lecture / seminars and the bulk of reading. It gets easier. Soon it will feel normal. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to read for you lectures and seminars. If this is your first few weeks based at a college, hope you are enjoying it and getting to know the people on your course. If you’re thinking you can’t do it right now, please don’t give up. I remember the first piece of writing I had to do it was only 500 words, however, I never thought I’d do it. I also remember having to look up so many new words when I was reading things. The first term at college really is a learning curve. Please don’t give up, you really can do it. You will probably not be alone in thinking these things, I remember lots of us on our course wanting to give up, but preserve, and you can definitely do it.

Personally for me I am so excited about this year. Although I can’t believe this is my last year already. I have definitely chosen the right modules this year (I’m not saying I didn’t last year, but for my last year they all seem to go together nicely). I am finding them interesting to read around and have already dived right in. If you’re struggling with any of your modules you may have a few more days to swap and change but be quick because soon you won’t be able to.

I learnt last week that someone actually reads my blogs and asked me what I’d changed my dissertation to. So in case anyone else is wondering I’m going to be looking at human trafficking in the UK. It’s a topic for me that really interests me and I would love to be able to work in this aware when I finish uni, helping women who have been trafficked. For me this is such an interesting area and one that I have no problem with reading about. Hopefully anyone else who’s doing a dissertation is looking forward to theirs too.

A little remind that there is so much you can get involved with at uni. I’ve got myself booked onto a couple of IT courses to do with NVivo for my dissertation, but if you struggle at all with any aspect of IT, or want to know how to further your knowledge have a look on the IT services website. There is always CLL who are there to help you and direct you to the right places; all you need to do is ask.

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