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Thinking Sustainably this Sale Season

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In the wake of Black Friday and with early Xmas sales hitting all our favourite stores, it might be hard to resist one or two (or three…) frivolous purchases. After all, there’s nothing more tempting than “50% off”, right!? Well, whether for the sake of your bank account, mental clarity, closet space or, indeed, our world, it’s time to start thinking more mindfully about what we buy.

Whilst there are many things that we can do to make our shopping habits that little bit more sustainable (for everyone involved –bank accounts included!), this blogpost is going to focus on one thing: buying less.

So, before you get your hands on your next purchase, ask yourself the following few questions!

Do you actually like it? In fact, do you love it?

This is what it all boils down to!

Very often, we pick something up and we love it…almost. We like the shirt, but not the buttons. We like the boots, but not the zipper. We like the fit, but not the fabric. And, despite that, we buy it anyway.

The novelty of the item makes it fun to wear –that is for a week or two. And then, as time runs its course, your new purchase becomes the shirt at the back of your closet with the buttons you don’t like. If you don’t like a part of the item, no matter how insignificant it may seem in the moment (unless you’re going to get out your sewing kit and change it) don’t bother buying it!

Is it an impulse buy?

If the advert for your new purchase popped up on Instagram, and within five minutes is in your basket and in 24 hours is in your hands…just stop for a moment! Do you like what you’re buying, or do you like the feeling of buying it?

An easy way to curb impulse buys, is to do your shop, save the website links or keep the items in your basket, and then wait. One day will do, but if you can –try seven! If after that time you still want to buy it, great – it’s a buy! If not, you know what to do…

Don’t be blinded by sales!

The fallacy of sales is that you’re still spending! People like to say I saved £80, and perhaps they did, but they still spent £200. The only way you truly save in a sale is if you were going to buy the item pre-sale. Yet, so many people shop because of a sale and come out with things they never would have bought in the first place.

So, enjoy sales, but be cautious! Do you like what you bought, or do you like what you “saved”? “It’s a bargain” isn’t a good enough reason to buy something!

Next time you pick up something in a sale, why not try asking yourself: “Would I buy this for £10.00 more?”, to give yourself a better reflection of whether you’re shopping for the item or for the sale!

Does it fit?

A good fit is the difference between a good and a bad outfit.

It doesn’t matter if you love what the item looks like, if it’s sold out in your size, it’s sold out! You don’t just need to love an item, you need to love it on you – it’s no good loving what it looks like on the hanger.

However, if it is a quality item and something you want to invest in –get it tailored. Can’t be bothered? Leave it on the shelf, then!

Don’t get too caught up in trends!

Is it something you want? Or, just that everyone else has?

Trends are fun, and whilst I’m all for enjoying some of them, don’t feel you have to get behind all of them!

Whilst Kim K may be able to rock bike shorts, bodysuits, and latex on the regular, think twice about how an item fits into your own style and life before you hit buy. And, before you go and invest in some Yeezys or SKIMS, just remember the people making them a trend are, of course, the very people profiting!

Does it a serve a purpose?

You may like the pair of blue jeans you’ve just spotted, but, if you have a pair at home that you love, how often are you going to choose to wear your new ones?

Even if an item ticks all the boxes, if you have three at home that also tick all the boxes, keep moving!

I hope this little checklist helps you to come out of this sale season with a few (but not too many!) items that you really do love and will get a lot of use out of. What are your tips for shopping more sustainably?

IndonesiaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Laeticia Junanto | Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe Contact Laeticia

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