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Things You’ll Forget To Take To Uni…

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I’ve seen so many packing lists for university and, I’m not going to lie, I definitely looked at them when I was frantically packing to move into my accommodation. However, everyone has that moment when they are all moved in and settled and they realise they’ve forgotten something super important. So, here’s some things you may not have thought of to add to your bags.

Coat-hangers – yes, okay, I forgot coat-hangers. I turned up on my first day with two bags full of clothes and no way of hanging them… don’t do that.

Storage Boxes – this kind of depends on the layout of your room but I had a lot of under the bed storage, except when I put stuff there without boxing it up first it got really dusty… gross, just bring some plastic boxes if you can.

Bottle Opener – this is a great way to make friends on your first day, be the person who can open a drink for a desperate fresher.

Formal Clothes – night out clothes are great, pyjamas are great, sweatpants are great. But what about that networking event? Or that fancy society dinner? Or the Law Ball? Bring at least two nice outfits!

Paracetamol & Lemsips – the cure for a hangover, fresher’s flu, or any mild sickness you may get once you arrive. Note: the blackcurrant Lemsips taste way less gross than the lemon ones & supermarket own-brand painkillers are just as good as any others.

Extension Lead(s) – uni rooms are small and sometimes you want to charge all of your devices whilst still having the fairy lights on.

Scissors – I honestly don’t know what for but nobody ever has any scissors and you will always have that moment when you need to cut something open or decide to give yourself bangs at 3am.

Dressing Gown – for when you don’t wanna put on clothes to go to the kitchen but you also don’t wanna go down in nothing… ask my flat, I live in my dressing gown.

Random Fancy Dress Item(s) – bring that school tie, pair of handcuffs, or angel halo headband, there’s always an excuse to dress up for events

Tupperware – I once meal-prepped my dinner for like an entire week and then realised I had no plastic containers to store it in the fridge…

Bonus: Things You DON’T Need To Take To Uni

Iron – I never used mine once, just put your laundry away as soon as it’s done if you can.

Too Much Kitchenware – don’t turn up with an entire family’s worth of dishes and cutlery, you’ll end up using it all one by one instead of washing it. Just bring 2 of each and that will force you to wash up!

Anything Already Provided – make sure you look at what comes with your accommodation, don’t turn up with another microwave or kettle.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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  • cbolch86

    Hi, not sure whether this sounds weird but roughly how many bags/suitcases did you take? I don’t want to turn up and have way more bags than other people haha


    • Allana Bennison Law

      Hi! Don’t worry too much about what everyone else is bringing, there will always be that one student who brings almost nothing & that other student who brings everything! But for reference, I had a big suitcase full of clothes, a big IKEA bag for kitchen stuff / little room decor stuff, and then another couple small bags with my sheets, toiletries, etc.!!


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