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Things You Should Know about Graduation Day

Hello everyone! With Summer Graduation days soon coming up I thought I’d tell you all you will need to know to make your big day special and run smoothly. The 2018 Summer Graduation ceremonies at Warwick will be held from Tuesday 17 July – Wednesday 25 July (NOT including Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July), in the Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre. There will be two ceremonies on each day, commencing at 11.00am and 15.00pm respectively so make sure to check what date and time your course ceremony will take place on the Warwick website. The History of Art Graduation Ceremony is at 3pm on Monday, 23 July 2018 and all graduands (graduating students) and their guests are invited to lunch from 12pm in Panorama 1, Rootes Building hosted by the History of Art Department. 

Register for your Graduation

Registration is now open for Summer Graduation ceremonies and students will have been sent an email to register your intention with regard to the ceremony as you can choose to attend, defer your graduation until a later ceremony, or graduate in absentia. If you are planning to attend, make sure to book as soon as possible as places are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Students can register at: 

Furthermore,  in order to be eligible to graduate, your name must appear on a Pass List approved by the Senate or the Steering Committee on behalf of the Senate and you must not have any outstanding study related fees and charges owing to the University.

Dress Code

The wearing of academic dress is compulsory and you will be expected to wear smart clothing such as a suit or a formal dress and suitable footwear (e.g. shirt and tie; no jeans or trainers). Wearing clothing/footwear that does not meet the University’s requirements will mean that you will not be allowed into the Hall. Hood colours vary according to the degree to be awarded so check the Warwick website if you would like to know your course hood colour. Furthermore, members of the armed forces may wear the appropriate uniform, members of religious orders may wear their normal mode of dress, and graduands from overseas countries may wear their national dress. Graduation robes and caps must be ordered well in advance but at least 2 working weeks prior to the start of ceremony week and by 3 July 2018 at the latest from the University’s robemakers Ede and Ravenscroft. You will need your height, chest and head size measurements to order your robe and cap online and your robes may be collected on the day of your graduation.


Tickets are not sent out in advance of the ceremonies and you are only guaranteed up to 2 guest tickets. Your graduand ticket and your guest tickets must be collected from the ticket & robing area on the day of graduation. Other guests are welcome to attend on the day but will not be able to gain access to the Butterworth Hall. Friends and family who will not be seated in Butterworth Hall can view the ceremony live on any of the large screens around the piazza or inside the Arts Centre and on the Warwick Live Streaming page.

Seating Time

Graduands and guests must be seated in the Butterworth Hall at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of the ceremony and if you are not in your allocated seat by this time, your name will be removed from the presenter’s list and you will not be able to graduate in your ceremony. Guests and graduands will enter Butterworth Hall via different doors so make sure you each have the correct ticket before you separate from your guests. Guests should enter the Hall from the ground floor doors while graduands should enter the Hall through the doors on the first floor balcony. Graduands must sit in the seat they are allocated as names and certificates are called in that order, the seat number which will be printed on your graduand ticket will correspond to the seat number in the Hall.

Souvenirs and Photographs

Official photographs will be taken on the day in the Mead Gallery and can be ordered online from Ede and Ravenscrot or in person on the day of your ceremony.  There will also be a ‘class’ photo taken by Penguin Photography after the ceremony (as per the photos that can be seen in the department) and souvenirs can also be ordered via the Warwick website or purchased from the Bookshop.

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