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Things you need to bring for University?

It is that time of the year when University is looming over you. There would be a range of emotions going through your mind. Anything from the fear of how I will live alone to the excitement of beginning the ‘University Life’. However, more importantly for all you A-Levels lads and ladies, the thought of whether I will even get into Warwick or not would be scaring you until results. Do not worry, if you are good enough to get a conditional offer, then you must be good enough to change that into unconditional. So for now, park the nervousness aside and begin planning about some of things you will need to bring to University:

1) Clothes:

Living in a hot and humid country with about 9 months of summer a year, my closet did not feature enough of suitable apparel for UK. Hence, in my case, I brought a lot of clothes from home but did most of my shopping from UK. In fact, the day I landed in UK, I immediately went for shopping to buy a suitable coat for winter as I had none. Quite interestingly, I chose to wear a polo in my flight as October is still summer according to my subconsciously set Karachi standards.

This was of course an international view. If you are from the UK or any colder country, just bring everything that seems valuable. You will need a lot of clothes, and considering my inclination to always buy new ones, I will be lenient if you bring too many.

2) Crockery:

If you are an international, and if you are trusting your 30-40kg baggage allowance for everything, please go easy on the crockery.

This being an advice for all though, as much as you’re Mom forces you to add every kitchen utensil to your range for Uni. I will advise that calmly decline her offer by convincing her that there is Wilko and a huge Tesco on a ten minute walk from Central Campus. Quite sadly, after a month, that potato peeler or hand blender wouldn’t make any of your life easier, as Pasta or Frozen Pizza is the official food for students.

Plates, forks, spoons, pans, glasses or kitchen machinery, everything is easily and cheaply available at Cannon Park. Hence, just bring a couple of important ones. As more time passes, you can also buy what you feel is missing which sounds better than keeping plenty of that apparently important stuff idle that you brought from home.

3) Stationery:

Stationery will also depend on your course. I felt that I only required a few punching files, some clear folders and about 4-5 spiral notebooks for the first term. To add to it, a spare rough notebook and a calculator ofcourse. If you still have space in your baggage, I think bring notebooks from home as I felt they were better in my home country. Please do not judge me as a girly stationery geek for this but couldn’t find quality notebooks nearby Uni.

4) Iron:

Quite strangely, what I felt at University was that ironing was not a 2016 thing. There is a separate ironing/ drying room at every hall. However, in a flat of 16, I hardly spotted anyone ironing in 10 months. In fact, I twice scared the girl living in the room opposite the ironing one by creepily walking out of that room after ironing. Although, I still believe iron is a useful thing.

This list was by no means exhaustive as there are a few other things as well but for the purpose of conciseness I will move on.

Even after bringing almost nothing as a fresher last year, my checked in baggage was 38kg and my allowed one was 30kg. Hence, I advise that as an international, only bring items that are either immensely useful or rare to find at Warwick. And with immensely useful, I am trusting your sense here, do not disappoint me if you thought of packing something like washing powder for laundry with you. Those of you, thinking why will we do that? Well, folks! below is a person pulling this stunt off:


Interestingly, he/ she is a current Warwick student. 200 Pounds for finding that person once you get here.

For the English prospective freshers, you might have the luxury of your family dropping you by car. Hence, you can be more lenient with bringing stuff. However, a big warning, just bring important things as the room you get will be small and a lot of stuff may never be used.

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