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Things you can be doing now to get ready for university

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1. Choose which accommodation you would like to apply for.

Accommodation applications are not open yet but if you have free time watch the short 1-2 minute videos of all the different accommodation blocks to help you choose which one you would like to put as your preferences. For how to apply for accommodation check my blog out  about the three stages of applying for accommodation (cheeky plug):

Westwood halls of residence | Warwick Accommodation


2. Write a list of societies you will be interested in joining. Before coming I wrote down a list of some I was interested. This will help you navigate societies fair which will be very busy during Freshers week. I would say you probably have time for 2 societies and 1 sports club in the first year but it really depends on your schedule and how well you can manage your time. Just play it by ear and attend all taster sessions.


The Best University Societies | Student Hut


3. Check out the rest of Our Warwick. There are loads of helpful blogs and vlogs. Be sure to check out the blogger from your department. Feel free to message them as they will have great advice of ‘dos and don’ts’ for your course.

4. Make a list of things that you think you need to take to university – there are lots of helpful videos online about what you will and will not need. I remember when I first moved to halls the car was rammed with nearly all of my possessions. In reality, I really didn’t need all this stuff. You will soon learn in your first few weeks what you will and will not need but having a list will ensure you have a good idea of what you will need. I would highly recommend getting a dish drainer as this will save you so much time on drying up.

5. Mark your stuff- sharing a kitchen inevitably means that things will go missing, get misplaced or get broken. A great piece of advice given to me when moving to university was to paint all of my cutlery and plates with a small dot coloured nail varnish. My colour was Pink! This made it really easy after the washing up to distinguish which pieces of cutlery were mine. Nearly everyone will have silver cutlery so when buying stuff try to find cutlery that is unique.

Rainbow Iridescent Cutlery Set 16pc | Dining - B&M

6. Do not buy the textbooks before coming to university and do not feel pressure to do read the reading list beforehand. Textbooks are incredibly expensive and most first years feel the need to buy them – I definitely did. This is such an unnecessary purchase as all the major textbooks are online. Second and third years also tend to sell their books in the first few weeks so if you feel the need to buy them then is the time. I would highly recommend buying revision guides though. For law make sure to check out the Law Express books and LLB Answered

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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