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Things we cannot control

Cecile Mevel France
During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
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Hello Everyone,

August 2022, I hope you are all well and you are having some “you time” and hopefully you have been able to go on holiday.

Personally, I was away for a few weeks and just been back a couple of days ago and the reason I have chosen this title is that I have had a series of events throughout July that I could not control plus, I became ill for 2 full weeks. So, I thought why not write about things we cannot control in life because there are or there is always this time or moment out of our control? We cannot control everything although as human beings we have free will and we can get frustrated by it.

It goes with a form of acceptance, and this is something quite deep and difficult to manage during the present time. Resilience is not always a physical action, but a mindset.

Anyhow, these are food for thought. Sometimes we become poorly or ill because of personal challenges, issues, and worries. Our mind cannot follow, and our body reacts to compensate or alleviate our mental health. Consequently, we can get frustrated because it breaks our daily routine, comfort, or what we need to do. However, it can also be an opportunity to reflect and a reminder of being in a pause mode for example the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic when we were forced to rest and eventually reflect. Anyway, I was very happy to gain some energy back and to feel myself again, especially because I had to postpone my holiday 3 times for that matter. I don’t know about you but once I fully recover from a long-forced rest, the level of happiness becomes instant and without any substitute like shopping or buying something but just simply because it felt so good to regain what we take for granted, our breathing, health, and energy.  

How do you react when things are out of your control or when you feel poorly? Do you have a specific mindset, or do you take the opportunity of acceptance and rest?

Changing subject but with a smooth transition, I would like to share some of what I think are beautiful pictures of where I have spent my holidays. I will let you discover the place – like a funny game – However, I will give you one clue: it is in Europe 😊

I hope you will like them and if you find the place quickly I could give you a pack of biscuits if there are any left! 😊 or even give you some information on how to visit the place! 🙂

Peace and Love


Cecile Mevel France
During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
Find out more about me Contact Cecile

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