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Things to look for on open days

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Open day season has started once again! You may have already been to a few, or maybe you’ll be going in the autumn. Either way, it can be difficult to know what to look for in each university when you’re only at each one for a few hours. I thought I’d share a few ideas of things to look out for if you’re feeling a bit unsure where to start!

The atmosphere

I don’t really know how to describe this, but some of the universities just felt more right for me than others. I got better at knowing whether I liked a university’s atmosphere as I went to more open days, so if you’re not sure that you’ve found somewhere that feels like home, keep looking – you will find one!

It’s worth having a look around the facilities that each university has – for example, I love going to the theatre, so I was excited to find out about everything that goes on at Warwick Arts Centre! If you’re into sport, make sure that you check out the university’s sports facilities.  If you like nights out, have a look at the SU and ask about the clubs near to the university.

The location

The location of the universities I looked at was really important to me. For example, I wanted to make sure that there were enough things that I was interested in doing in the local area, and know about my options for living after first year. I was also interested in how connected each university was – something that I liked about Warwick was how easy it is to get to Birmingham and London. 

I found that student ambassadors were great for this kind of information – they often have slightly different insights to the official university’s information as they’re living it themselves, so I would really recommend speaking to someone if you have any questions!

I also wanted to make sure that it was easy for me to get home from university because I knew that I was likely to go home for reading week each term – I didn’t mind how far away the universities I was looking at were as long as they were fairly straightforward to get to on public transport.  

The course

Of course, this is one of biggest things to consider when choosing a university. Things to look for are how assessment is divided between coursework and exams, the range of modules available, and whether there’s anything unique about the course in comparison to others that you’ve seen.

It’s also a good idea to have a chat to your potential department’s staff, if you have the opportunity to. When I was at the Warwick open day, I had a great conversation with a member of staff. His enthusiasm for the course made me confident that I would enjoy it (and by coincidence, when I arrived at Warwick I found out that he would be my personal tutor). 

I hope you’ve found this useful! If you have any other tips for things to look out for at open days, feel free to share them in the comments!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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