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Things to know before you come to Warwick

The university time is full of great memories, and I’m sure that there are several things which might make your time at Warwick even more comfortable. There are some things (including changes) at the University of Warwick which you have to know about before you arrive on campus and begin your university journey. I am going to tell you about some tips but they are all based on my own experience and some things might be changed soon.

First of all, even before you come to Warwick, download Warwick app to check the campus map, your personal timetable, list of events etc.

The first two things you get when you come to campus are your room key and your Student ID card. Let’s talk about the latter one. University ID card can obviously be used as an identity card at the examination. Moreover, it gives you an access to the building where a card has to be scanned. If you study International Foundation Programme, as we have already checked, you can get to Maths and Stats Zeeman building, Warwick Business School etc. In fact, an undergraduate student can’t get into all buildings, only in their faculty’s buildings. The access to the library and Learning Grids are only with Student ID cards. But if you forget or lost yours on your way, just login next to the entrance at print a “24-hour ID card” which will give you the access.

In addition, you can top-up your card and pay in Rootes Grocery store, Dirty Duck, Fusion, Xananas, Library Café… literally everywhere on campus (except for Varsity). It is really useful because you don’t need cash or a credit card with you for the whole day. Just put your ID card under your phone case and that’s it. You have to put money on your printing balance if you need to print anything. You can easily put money on your Student ID card via the Warwick app. You can also buy the ticket to go to Copper Rooms and just present your ID card which will have the ticket on it. It will also show your age to make sure you are over 18 years old. By the way, paying with your student ID gives you a 10%-discount.

If you wonder where to buy food, the biggest supermarket on campus is Cannon park centre which has Tesco, Wilko etc. You can buy food on Central Campus in Rootes. But the best meat and fish are sold at Coventry market just in the Coventry city centre.

You can easily get from one place to another by using NextBike services. They offer you to rent a bike here on campus. I would recommend buying a term or an annual subscription where first 30 mins are free.

And finally about some changes for the next academic year. They say that the Freshers Week of 2018/2019 academic year is going to be before classes rather than during the first week of studies.

I know you feel really excited to come (back) to the University of Warwick campus in October. Good luck with the rest of exams. And congrats for some Foundation Course student who just had their first exam today. See you on campus!

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