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Things to do with your free time at uni

Exams are OVER for everyone and suddenly you have more time than you know what to do with. Last year after my first year exams I just found myself going for walks around campus because I was so fidgety and had no idea what to do with myself. People spend time in their bedrooms and then filter off home so if you are going to make the most of the time you have in the limbo periods of week 9 and 10 between exams and results, you might need some inspiration:

Shopping: Nothing is quite as self indulgent in just going out to the shops and finding something that you like. Just using up the remains of your student loan for yourself is so therapeutic, and is not something most people make time for during the heavy revision period. It beats online shopping by a mile, and there are plenty of balls coming up to get prepped for so head to the Parade or Coventry and love yo’self.

Jephson Gardens Boating: Sunny day? Perfect for a trip on the river in either a kayak, a rowing boat or a big old peddalo in the shape of a giant car. They are pretty cheap to rent and you can head down pretty far or just paddle around trying to capsize each other.

Arte Cafe: Hands down my favourite thing to do in Leamington is to go to the Arte Cafe at 27 Regent Street in north Leam. Grab a slice of homemade cake or a toastie and paint some pottery, then pick it up the week after and majestically present it in your display cabinet back at your flat. Pfft, and they told you it was ‘unnecessary’ and ‘blocks a fire exit’…

Go for a run/ swim: Yeah, yeah you went for that one in Term 2 didn’t you? You’ll try it again after exams WON’T YOU? Newsflash, the time is now and it only becomes easy when its a habit so lace up and get those endorphins moving, FIFA can wait for half an hour.

Visit a Stratford/Warwick: It does you good to visit a new place and become a bit more worldly, and these two are just on your doorstep. Visit a castle, Shakespeare’s birthplace, a theatre or just wander the streets and see what you can find. Your stagecoach bus pass takes you to both places for free.

Lazer tag/ice skating/bowling/basically whatever activity you want: It’s all available in Coventry. Yeah yeah we all love to hate our closest and most convenient city but its got stuff to do and does not take long to get there. Make a facebook event and get your flatmates involved, they’ll thank you for it.

Grab a BBQ and start drinking at 11: I mean I don’t want to promote this kind of lifestyle but you don’t get the opportunity to drink round the clock with your buds for two weeks much so crack open some Pimms and the disposable bbq and have a very british kind of day (but not #brexit british, looking at you Farage) on the grass.

Have a wonderful wonderful summer break Warwick!

Fi xx

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