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Things to do in Lockdown

Here we are in yet another lockdown. For all those of you sitting at home with not much to do, here are a few things you might just find takes your mind off reading yet another tragic news story.

  • Learn a language

There are so many resources out there to do this, from apps to websites, this is the time to stop wishing you were bilingual and starting learning that language you’ve always wanted to know. If you have people at home who speak the language, then start trying to learn a few phrases and small bits of vocab here and there and soon, you’ll have no issue flying to the country and speaking to the natives! Okay, yes, it might be a bit more difficult than that, but with this spare time you have, why not start learning now. Also, knowing a language is a great skill to have when applying to jobs, so it’s definitely one to consider.

  • Learn how to cook

If you’re at university or in your final years of sixth form or college, cooking is definitely a skill you’ll need at some point in the future. Start off with a simple dish using either an online recipe or a recipe book and then try more and more challenging things. Once you know the key skills, you can even try and make up your own recipe!

  • Plant some seeds

Why not take this opportunity to start growing some plants? With February just around the corner, gardeners are excited for the start of this year’s planting season. Don’t have any seeds? Don’t worry! Garden centres are open during this lockdown, so why not pop down to your local garden centre and buy some seeds! The act of growing a plant from seed will keep you occupied for the weeks and months ahead.

  • Watch movies

There a variety of great movies being released on movie streaming apps, so I’d definitely recommend having a look at some of those. One of my favourite recent releases is ‘The White Tiger’ which is a crime drama about rising to the top from the depths of poverty. Otherwise, if you can’t find anything new you’d like to watch, rewatch some old classics!

These are just a few things which you could try doing this lockdown! Why not comment what you’ve been up to during this lockdown!

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