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Things to do in Leamington

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Everyone knows Leamington as the highly coveted “it” town in Warwickshire; home of Neon, Kelseys, SMACK, and oh so beloved Vialli’s. With the buzzing night life and array of restaurants and stores to roam around, it is no shock to see why there is a mad dash to find accommodation situated within the central regions of the town. Besides the typical bustling nightlife, venturing around the area during the day also brings about many things to do.

Brunch seems to be the in-thing to do now and some of the Instagram worthy food posts are taken at particular go-to restaurants well known amongst students these days. Here are a list of a few of my personal favourites.

Coffee Architect: Located across from the Duke, this is definitely one of my personal favourites places to go for brunch with friends and it seems to be equally as popular amongst the locals, as it is almost impossible to find table space without having to wait in a line. their portions are very generous and the prices are definitely student budget friendly, not to mention for all of those Instagram fanatics out there, the aesthetics of the inside of he restaurant as well as the plating are definitely something worth adding to your feed. I personally die for the Avocado toast, but their waffles and french toast are also equally as amazing and satisfying. Gluten free options are also catered to without extra charge!

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Bar Angeli: This is acute Italian cafe that is known for speciality coffees and light bites. Located in Regent’s Court it is a convenient midway location between North and South Leam and quite easy to find. With their ranges of crepes and even Italian classics like bruschetta offered on their menu. Once again keeping the wallet in mind the menu pricing is very reasonable especially for the quality of food.

Bar Angeli

Spa Town Coffee: If your type of aesthetic is modern and minimalist, you will love this place. with its bright and clean interiors, marble table tops and minimalist decoration, The hot chocolate here is one of the best I have had, with just the right blend of bitter dark chocolate and a tinge of sweetness, this is definitely another one of my recommended places to go if your looking to catch up with friends over a hot drink or even if you want to sit at the high table while you type away at your essay and look over readings.

Spa Town Coffee

When the weather gets warmer and drier, many people enjoy strolling around the parks that go across the back of the main parade, with even some running paths. Jephsons Garden, Victoria Park and Newbold Comyn are the parks around the area which are easily accessed. One options to buy some food from Marks & Spencer and find a park bench to settle on while enjoying the fresh area and scenic nature views.

Along the main parade you can find many of the usual hughstreet stores from River Island, H&M, Royal Priors shopping area offers more shops like Superdry, New Look, Topshop, Topman, Pandora and a whole lot more. Walking around the different streets surrounding the parade you can also find some cute boutiques with interesting finds- from various knickknacks, furniture, clothes, and cosmetics to name a few.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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