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Things to do back on Campus

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So it’s finally happening. The paragraph I’ve been using as a sign off has finally reckoned, and I – along with the majority of the country (at least I assume) – couldn’t be happier or more excited. For a refresher of what such final paragraphs of my previous blog posts entailed:

‘To once again quote Boethius, “history is a wheel. “Inconstancy is my very essence,” says the wheel. “Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it’s also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away.” I can’t say I know what lies past lockdown, or how long the heat of the current times will last. But I do know that it will pass – one day that cool breeze will come blowing back.’

Ah, lovely. Very optimistic and, one could say, idealistic, but lovely none the less. And it looks like said cool breezes are, if all goes to plan, going to be blowing back. If we keep our fingers crossed, we could soon be like Looney Tunes and be Back in Action. With that in mind, here are a few things I’m looking forward to doing back on campus, and things I recommend doing too during term 3.

Note: I cannot guarantee that all of the following will be able to occur at any point during term 3. All is subject to change according to government and university guidelines. Now all the paperwork is completed, let’s crack on…

Societies In Person

Societies have been doing a tremendous job throughout this academic year, adapting and committing to truly unparalleled and unprecedented circumstances. With the return to campus, hopefully in person society events can make a triumphant return. The vast range of societies is only matched by the vast range of events offered by such societies, and there is nothing like meeting together on a regular basis.

Karaoke at The Dirty Duck

If you were someone who ever attended The Dirty Duck on a Wednesday night, Karaoke is probably all too familiar to you. If you ever attended during the last academic year, I can only apologise as you more than likely saw me trashing whatever song it was that I chose to sing that night. Whether it be Arctic Monkeys, a brilliant rendition of ‘I’m On a Boat’ by The Lonely Island, or a performance of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ so bad I had to sincerely apologise to audience members, karaoke was a regular feature that I not only thoroughly enjoyed, but something I looked forward to weekly. A fantastic time whether you sing or not, I can only imagine how brilliant it will be the moment it returns. 

Student Cinema

With cinemas scheduled to open in May, I can only pray that the Student Cinema returns. There’s nothing like films on the big screen, and the Student Cinema does a terrific job of scheduling both new and classic releases. As a film student, I have spent many wonderful evenings with friends there, and I wish to spend many more there too if it reopens in term 3.

SU Facilities

From The Dirty Duck, to T Bar, to Curiositea, the SU offers many great places to relax with friends and enjoy something to eat or drink. The pandemic has seemingly wasted a lot of time that could’ve been spent hanging with friends in such establishments, and I implore everyone to patron them if/when they open. I know I will.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Dom Thornton | Film Studies Contact Dom
When i'm not studying film as part of my degree,…
Find out more about me Contact Dom

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