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Things to do at university that look good on your CV!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been thinking about all the amazing opportunities I’ve been given so far while I’ve been here at Warwick and many of us are thinking about those dream jobs we want in the future. A lot of what I have done here would look good on a CV and I also have things that I need to do in order to make mine better so here are a few things I’ve done so far and a few I’m aiming for…

1) Travelling. Here at Warwick, Art Historians get the amazing opportunity of studying in Venice for 10 weeks in October (I’m so excited!) and we can also travel for a week while we are there so I intend to go to Florence and Rome too! Warwick is the only university in the UK to offer this opportunity and we also have frequent trips to galleries and museums in London, Birmingham, Coventry and elsewhere which is invaluable to us in order to see works of art properly.

2) Jobs on campus. There are an astonishing number of payed jobs here on campus, I get payed for blogging so it’s a win/win situation for me and I also wanted to apply to work in our own Mead Gallery but positions fill up fast! Besides those there are also many jobs in retail in the shops and bars on campus so if you want to work and earn some money there are plenty of opportunities!

3) Holding a position of authority. This can mean many different things, for example, I am part of the SSLC (Student and Staff Liason Committee) in which me and a few other History of Art students liase with our tutors in order to raise any issues or changes that we would like to see within the course. You may also go for a position in the SU such as an Exec or Rep so if you want to see some democratic or political change that is also possible.

4) Open Days. These are a lot of fun to do as you know what a lot of the applicants are worried about and what they want to know so it takes you back to that time and reminds you how far you have come. Our department also pays us for our time and we get a free buffet lunch! (I’m not sure about other subjects and their policies) so again it’s another win/win situation.

5) Volunteering. We have a society for volunteering and there are many different opportunities depending on what your goals are or what skills you want to develop so if you’re struggling for work or experience volunteering is a great option and very rewarding!

6) Sports Clubs and Societies. I personally don’t take part in any sports (I was never very good at them!) but I know a lot of people who do and take a large amount of pride in representing Warwick in various sports and events. In fact, Varsity 2016 is coming up in the next few weeks where we go up against Coventry in a variety of fixtures and we will of course win again this year…I am part of the History of Art society and ArtSoc who do weekly life drawing and workshops so these are fun and help you keep your creative side flourishing!

7) Work Experience and Internships. We get many networking opportunities at careers fairs and events as well as regular emails about job openings and internships that are more tailored to you from our department. A lot of our tutors can help with getting contacts too if you’re struggling! Getting work experience can be daunting and difficult at times but with all these other opportunities and some persitence things will work out so try not to worry yourself too much.

8) Graduating at Warwick. To a first year or anyone not at university, graduating seems like a long way away. Graduating at Warwick is a huge achievement and we are hailed as one of the top British universities targeted by employers for graduate recruitment so just graduating here should in itself present you with many opportunities for the future and your success!

I hope this list will have inspired some of you or at least made you less worried about filling up that CV! Thanks for reading!


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