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Things to do (and not to do) in a Student Kitchen

The student kitchen is a very exciting place.

So much so, that this is the second post I’ve written about it. That time, I likened it to the Hunger Games arena, especially when we’re all moving in.

This time, I’ve just made a list of things to do and not to do. Because who doesn’t like lists?

As always, I hope to entertain while dishing out some solid advice that should hopefully help you have good times without any fines. Because who likes fines?

− DO NOT use the oven or any other appliances as an instrument 🎷

While it would be a marvellous way to crank out some jazzy tunes with your new flatmates, I don’t think that this is something that Warwick Accommodation will endorse.

But perhaps you could make a song using cups?

+ DO start a choir 🎡

One of my fondest memories from first year is singing along to some old songs in the kitchen just after dinner on a cold winter’s night with some of my flatmates.

Could we carry a tune? Probably not. Did we care? Definitely not!

− DO NOT swing from the cooker hood πŸ’

I’m sorry, but you can never be Tarzan, and a kitchen is not a jungle (well, not literally).

Seriously though, I was told that this actually happened a couple of years ago by a reliable source. As you can imagine, the hood couldn’t bear the weight of a Warwick student and came crashing down. I imagine that a very hefty fine was paid.

+ DO talk to the cleaners πŸ‘‹

From whom do you think I heard the story above from? Just imagine the dumb things the staff have witnessed from past students…

Plus, I always enjoyed having a chat every Tuesday morning with the lady who graciously cleaned our bathrooms and kitchen. Forget Superman, she was a true hero!

− DO NOT make the cleaners’ lives difficult 🧽

Students are messy creatures. However, there are benefits to curbing that messiness in the kitchen:

  1. No fines
  2. People actually stay in the kitchen to socialise!

Interestingly, placing a mini Christmas tree in the middle of the kitchen table created a force field that kept it quite clear of stuff – maybe that’s a tip?

+ DO eat/cook together πŸ§‘‍πŸ³πŸ‘©‍🍳

Of course, this isn’t possible all the time, especially in big flats. But simply being the in the kitchen to eat/cook at the same time as someone else is a great time to catch up.

Want to step it up? Cook together!

Working out how to use the oven together is a wonderful bonding experience. Perhaps you’ll get to know each other well enough to share a chopping board.

My flat got together to cook a Christmas dinner, which was one of the highlights of my first year!

− DO NOT (accidentally) experiment with pyrotechnics πŸ”₯

Whether it’s something as simple as leaving bread in the toaster until it’s a charred lump of coal (yep, that happened MULTIPLE times)…

Or attempting to deep fry food with too much oil and creating a column of fire (that allegedly happened in Rootes – can anyone confirm?)…

The consequences of pyrotechnics are at best a fire alarm and some very grumpy students, and at worst… well.

+ DO plot world domination with your flatmates πŸ’‘

There’s much joy to be found in talking about irrelevant things with flatmates.

Coming up with potential underground societies (all hypothetical, of course), arguing over whether eating pasta without any sauce is an afront to humankind, plotting over what we’ll get our flatmate for their birthday…

It all happens in the kitchen!

+ DO follow the rules 🧍 🧍

Especially now, we gotta follow the rules.

I know that there’s this image from somewhere that being a student at university is all about going wild and doing stuff you’ll regret afterwards, but there are so many other ways to have fun that don’t involve fines or grumpy people!

+ DO have fun! πŸ˜„

You’re in a kitchen group – that’s a lot of new people to get to know!

Even now, I miss my flatmates from first year and I wish I could have spent more evenings just sitting around in the kitchen with them, so my advice would be to make the most of your first year in the student kitchen while you can!

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