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Things offer holders can look forward to when they get to Warwick

 To all of you that have collected your results recently congratulations! I’m sure now you’re eagerly awaiting coming to university but I’m sure you’re also thinking about things you might be missing out on because of the pandemic. I wanted to give you some of the little things that you’ll be able to look forward to experiencing when you get to campus because you deserve to reap the rewards of your success.  

Rolf the campus cat 

Rolf is one of the more rare and elusive delights that you’ll see when roaming around campus. He’s a little black cat with a huge personality and you can often get a chance sighting of him inbetween lectures. I love animals so for me it’s always a delight to see him going about his business.  

Meeting ‘you’re people’ 

With a campus that has well over 20,000 students you’re bound to bump into the kind of people you really gel with. I was from a small town and I never really felt like I found my crowd. I had friends sure but we didn’t have a lot of the same interests we just got on well. So, you can look forward to meeting the people who share the same interests with you or like to do the same things with you whether in lectures or in societies or just by accident! 

Flat nights in 

Yeah there might not be as many nights out for at least the first term but flat nights in hit different. Now whenever you feel like watching a movie or playing a game there’ll always be someone around to join you. You’re flat can often feel like a family except it’s one that you can choose to spend time with. For me I didn’t hang out at my flat but at a different one and we had lots of nights in which just shows how much choice you have.  

Decorating your room 

Gone are the days where you have to watch as your parents put up some ugly wallpaper or present you with a creepy ornament, now it’s your choice! I had so much fun putting together my photo board which really made me appreciate the fun summer I’d had before I came to uni. So, if you’re bored and have too many clothes from you’re recent online shopping, you can now shop for décor instead! You never know you might find a whole new aesthetic that you like.  

Trips to Canon Park 

Now that you’re going to have to adult, you’ll find that everyone is in the same boat and you all need to do your shopping. So, group trips to the local shopping centre become a regular social occasion. I’ve managed to get many great finds in there because there’s all sorts of shops from clothes, to costa, to Greggs to charity shops to Aldi. It’s always nice after a day of lectures stuck inside to go on the walk to canon park and get a breath of fresh air.  

Campus Nature 

The University of Warwick is amazing in that there are so many major cities close by but it’s also bursting with nature. I’ve seen rabbits, rare birds, wild fowl, tons of squirrels, foxes and even heard owls. There’s also flowers and trees absolutely everywhere making it absolutely delightful to look at wherever you go (though it’s especially scenic at lakeside). In October you can expect all the spectacular autumnal colours to be out in full force, it really is a spectacle and those of you who get put on the upper floors will have great views which makes up for all the stairs.  

Getting a taster of the clubs 

As I’m sure you’re all aware it’s very unlikely that clubs will be open anytime soon however, some like Kasbah in Coventry have elected to open as bars for the time being. This will allow freshers to get a taste for the clubs that they will want to visit when they reopen properly and provide a safe social distanced option for nights out. Not every student will be comfortable with going out yet and I implore those of you who do plan to, to be sensible. Kasbah is my favourite club so I was delighted to hear I can still have trips there when term starts and for those who do plan on going make sure to book a table well in advance because I’m sure it’ll be very popular! 

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