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Things not to worry about before coming to university

ALTERNATIVE TITLE: All the things I worried about before coming to university

Not knowing anything about your course: No one does before starting really. Yes, for some subjects you might have studied it in school (although for Law this is quite rare) but even then university is so different that everyone will be in the same situation as you. My last few years of school, I was studying for a Scientific French Baccalauréat which means that I was mainly doing maths, physics and biology and absolutely nothing related to Law. But I don’t believe that that has made it much harder for me to adapt to Law than anyone else. If you do have trouble understanding everything, don’t hesitate don’t ask questions! So many of my seminars have started off with one of us admitting to not understanding the lecture, leading to us all agreeing and spending some of the seminar working through a particular problem we have.

Not getting your first choice of accommodation: Take it from me, try not to be too stressed out about it before getting there. I got my fifth choice of accommodation and I will admit it worried me a lot before getting to Warwick. For weeks I had pictured myself in an en-suite but I found myself assigned to Whitefields, where we share a bathroom between 6 people in a 12 people house so it was a bit of a shock. But looking back I wish I hadn’t worried so much. It ended up being a great experience for my first year and I met some amazing people! There are ups and downs about every accommodation and even if it wasn’t your first choice, you might still end up loving it. If you find that you really dislike it after having lived there for a while, there is a system that allows you to switch accommodations when some spaces open up, and I know a few people who were able to be transferred to a new accommodation through this.

Not knowing anybody, not making friends: I met a lot of future students while volunteering for Offer Holder Days at the Law School, and many worried about how difficult it was to make friends at university. I understand the worry, especially because I had been at the same school for many years before moving to university, so it felt strange knowing I would have to re-build a whole new group of friends. However, there are so many opportunities to meet people, especially during the start of the year when everyone if feeling a bit lost, so you will find some friends. You have lectures, seminars, flatmates, and societies to pick from! If you’re more of an introvert like I am that might sound a bit overwhelming but it will work out. During the first few weeks, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to people (or like me, just find someone new to sit next to during lectures) and do go to society events you know nothing about (or go to the ones with free pizza) and you will meet people!

Not knowing how to ‘adult’: University means having to manage a lot more things on your own than you did before. In my first month I struggled with setting up a UK bank account and an english phone number, figuring out how laundry works, getting registered with the Health Centre and cooking (more or less) healthy meals. It is a lot at first and it can be stressful, but you will get into the rhythm of things faster than you might think, so do not worry too much about it. And in your first year, everyone is in the same boat! Your flatmates are most likely going through the exact same thing as you are so you can help each other out.

I realize that it is easy for me to say not to worry too much when personally I worried about a lot, but I hope that this will make coming to university at least a little less stressful!

And do leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂

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