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Things I Have Learnt in 2020 (so far…)

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It’s safe to say that this year hasn’t been at all what we expected. I pictured 2020 as a year full of fun uni experiences, travelling, and achieving all my goals. In March, I was so excited to come back home to Dubai for a longgg 5 weeks with my family. I’ve now been here for 4 months and have spent like 90% of that inside my house. Despite all these unexpected changes, I do think that I’ve learnt a lot from this!

(1) Anything Can Happen At Any Time

Nobody expected that we would suddenly be hit with a global pandemic. But we were and we just had to accept that and do our best to move on. If there is anything at all that we learn from this, it’s that things can change in a matter of seconds so we may as well just do what we love. If you felt a huge relief in suddenly being home, away from your uni / work / friends, maybe that’s a sign? I know I’ve definitely learnt the difference between doing something because I want to vs. doing something because I feel obligated to do it & it has made a HUGE difference.

(2) Nobody Cares What You Do With Your Hair / Clothes / Face – so do it!

Since we were in lockdown, a lot of my friends / family have dyed their hair or decided they want new piercings or completely changed their entire image, from clothing all the way to music taste. Yes, a lot of it came from TikTok and that’s okay! A lesson I feel a lot of us have learnt is that literally nobody is judging you if you dye your hair pink like my sister, purple like me, or black with those cute red front pieces like every ‘alt’ girl on TikTok. If it makes you happy, go do it! And if you do get judged? That’s on them – you look great 🙂

(3) We All Needed A Break

A lot of people saw the lockdown as a much-needed rest. Some people took up language-learning, or baking, or some other hobby they usually didn’t have time for. Some of those people then gave up a few weeks later… speaking from experience. I’ve seen so many social media posts about how we were given 4 months of free time and did nothing with it and you know what? That’s okay!! We have been blessed with some downtime and it’s okay to dedicate your time to resting. (However, please keep those who have worked throughout this entire pandemic in your mind! The frontline workers are unbelievably brave and hardworking and we owe them everything!)

(4) It Really Costs Nothing To Be Nice

Since the virus hit some people a lot harder than others, we have seen some lovely acts of human kindness. People have gone out and shopped for their elderly / vulnerable neighbours. People have stayed home for weeks / months even though they are perfectly healthy, just so they don’t risk other’s safety. People have reconnected with old friends and had video calls or sent cards to remind people that they are loved. We went such a long time not seeing people that once lockdown’s began to be lifted, we realised how much we appreciated them!

(5) We Can ALL Make A Difference

A lot of people claim that individuals / the general population can’t make big changes in the world. Only the rich, powerful people can change the world. But that’s not true! After the murder of George Floyd, the World united to protect with the Black Lives Matter movement and some progress was made. When the virus hit, the World stayed home to keep levels low (some countries did better than others but it’s clear that the public staying home / social distancing is effective!). These events have really reinforced my belief that the little things really do add up & this can be applied to everything from Coronavirus to Climate Change.

Although there has been a lot of suffering in the past 6 months, it’s nice to see the silver lining (but keep in mind, some people may not have had many silver linings recently, check on your friends / family / neighbours).

Stay safe <3

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