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The Zeeman Building: An Undergrad’s Guide *in Minecraft*

Join me on a tour of the Zeeman Building (home to Warwick’s Maths Institute, and where I spent most of my time as a maths undergrad at Warwick), in the Minecraft map created by Big Dogs Who!

I’ll show you where to find the places I spent most of my time in first year, explain a bit about how assignments, personal tutors and supervisors work and even demystify the weird card access system.

You can see more of the building and download the Minecraft map yourself at

If you’ve got any questions, whether you’re a fresher just starting your university experience or a sixth former, pop them in the comments section here or on my YouTube channel or alternatively send me a message in OurWarwick and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

  • Zuzanna

    OMG that’s such a good representation! Although it feels empty without any geese or ducks, could you spawn some? :p


    • Iona Webster Mathematics

      It made me so happy when they published the map, it felt like I was home again! Definitely needs more geese, and maybe Rolf the campus cat in the entrance


  • Vanshika Saxena Computer Science

    This is brilliant!! I have fond memories of getting lost in this building whenever I went exploring 😀


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