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The weekend and the work ahead!

Well this weekend my girlfriend organised an event for a deaf/blind charity called Sense; the event was blind speed dating! So equipped with a mask, cheesy chat-up lines and a bag of nerves I took several friends to chat to girls they didn’t know. As there was more boys present than girls – no surprises there – I filled in as a girl and rotated and generally just got to know everybody.

After the event and the speed-daters were “matched” and we headed to play some drinking games in several bars along the parade in Leamington. It was obvious that some people were starting to get to know each other well and our first game was about how well you knew your “date.” Being matched with one of my unsuccessful friends that night, I knew everything about him! But still no luck, I didn’t know where he was born!

We moved along several more bars and I won a drinking game with a friend; this meant that I won a £20 voucher for the local pub to eat which was fantastic. Unfortunately I could only spend the voucher in one go so I had to eat two meals this morning! We carried on and I got back quite late but on the bright side we raised £120 for Sense. Also there are two buckets in the pub that we were at originally so hopefully that’ll raise a little bit more.

A great night but MORSE life doesn’t stop. I was up early (after my trip to eat at the pub) and started working. I’m working on a really interesting programming assignment at the moment. I have a 1000 strings of data that give me an x,y co-ordinate and a radius. From this data I have to extract the mean, max and min area, standard deviation, remove the circles with a small radius , the median and whether the first and last circles overlap, touch or are disjoint. Learning to code has been such a rewarding experience especially when you get it working. I know all this sounds quite difficult but the module really does walk you through it and you actually start to understand what each line does.

Added to that, I also have to do some work on my Simulation project. This is a project on SIMUL8 which is a software for modelling queuing systems. We are modelling the traffic on campus and how changing certain scenarios would change that. The most interesting thing is how we model the flow of people onto campus. What type of probability distribution would be best to fit it? So we have been gathering data using various methods. This project is quite difficult and there is a lot to encompass, campus is pretty large! When I’ve got further with it I will probably write a blog on it and include some screenshots. It’s due in around three weeks so it should be around then!

Even on top of that, I have a worksheet for Mathematical Statistics B which is on different statistical measures and whether they fit certain observations of data. This basically means does a statistics, a way of guessing something, work with the model we are using. This is going to be difficult and I need to catch up on it. Looks like I’ve got a fun day ahead of me tomorrow!

Until next time, please feel free to comment and I will get back to you!

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