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The Warwick Bubble

On my first ever tour of Warwick, the guide mentioned the Warwick bubble. I wasn’t entirely sure what this even meant and shrugged it off at the time. But after living both on and off campus, I’m pretty confident on what the Warwick bubble actually is.

What is the Warwick bubble?

It all centres on the campus aspect of the University. Most universities that are city based means you don’t get lost in your "University world" like a campus University can. All of our amenities are ~10 minutes’ walk away from your room. If you need a job and go through the University such as working in the library this too is focused on main campus. In comparison to a city-based University where you can get a job anywhere in the city. Accommodation in a city campus is much more spread out and sometimes involves commuting on public transport. In your first year at Warwick and perhaps a later year you will be living on campus in the so-called bubble.

You escape the bubble in second year when you move off campus. You can either live in Earlsdon, Leamington or Canley (which is just by the University). Most will commute every day and gain a sense of independence from the University. Living off campus provides a chance to explore other places and yourself since you aren’t focused entirely on campus life.

Overall, the Warwick bubble is essentially being caught up in your University life so, that you don’t pay much attention to the outside world. For students on campus, Warwick University is essentially your world.

Why did I choose Warwick?

I first new I wanted to come to Warwick after the open day. It might have helped that it was incredibly sunny so, every part of campus looked beautiful. I attended talks at Gibbet Hill, visited the sports centre and the SU. I should’ve taken a list of questions to ask because when I was given the opportunity to speak to lecturers one on one I didn’t have a clue what to ask!

The academia wasn’t the only appeal for Warwick. I loved the society and sports aspect. At Warwick sports isn’t just who can be the best, casual playing is encouraged as well. I chose to have a mix of casual netball by joining the mixed netball sessions, but I maintained a competitive aspect through the Women’s netball club. Sports also offer a drinking and non-drinking social aspects to. Every Wednesday the Women’s netball club would get together and then there are team meals in each term as well.

Good luck to people making decisions on what University to choose. A big decision is if you want a campus-based University or a city based. The best way to make is to visit lots of different places.

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