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The Ultimate Place to Study

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As the start of the new term gets ever so close, I’m sure we’ll all be needing a good dose of productivity to get through all those tests and deadlines heading our way. 

Over my first term at university, I’ve come to love study spaces as the ultimate place to be when I want to be productive. There are many spread across campus, each offering a different way to work, whether that’s through communal spaces, quiet nooks and corners, high chairs and so on. The Library is a versatile building which offers the chance for students to study in any way they prefer. For a focused session, I head to the quiet study spaces on the second floor, I love sitting by the window when the sun’s out and enjoying the view. When going to the library with friends, we often monopolise the big tables which offer enough space for each of us as well as accessible charging points, because let’s be honest, your phone or laptop is always dying.

The Oculus is a more relaxed study space, which you’ll need to be lucky to get a place to sit most weekday evenings! However, it offers great spaces mostly for groups of people studying together. I love it for its proximity to central campus and of course, the waffles!

The new Faculty of Arts building is right opposite the Oculus, and offers a range of mostly study rooms as of now. I haven’t been able to explore it much I’d have liked before the end of term, but I would suggest visiting it just to admire the architecture and environment.

This is not to say your room isn’t a great place to study or chill. For the forgetful amongst us (including me) having everything a step away is a boon. Minimum effort to get out of bed and onto the desk is also a great bonus and last but not least for those days where you just don’t want to see people, your room is the place to be.

However, lately I have begun to make a habit of getting out in order to get some studying done. After a stifling few hours of procrastination, the fresh air and the short walk help get me ‘in the zone’. This helps when the urge to fall back into bed hits hard which invariably leads to last minute craziness and catch ups. Time does play an important role in the decision as well as packing up and going someplace for enough time to be productive does require a certain amount of planning.

Hopefully the above gives you food for thought on your choice. My vote rests with prioritising a productive environment over the ease of access. For now, enjoy the rest of the holidays and rest up! I’ll see you next term!

You can ask me about anything you might think is…
Find out more about me Contact Diksha

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