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The Ultimate Guide to food during Exam Season

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

The exam season is here and you don’t remember the last time you went out to a club, or did your laundry or did anything fun (if you do, oh well you are not a miserable fresher like me who has exams in just under two weeks AHHHH).

I have just gotten up like an hour back and should really really start revising for the day, instead of writing this blog post, but I thought this was a pressing issue that would not only help everyone out by saving their money but also make them feel slightly better about their life.

So, you’re stuck in the university house(I have heard University house has a microwave, and it is 24X7, so it might be worth the trek)/library/learning grid/one of those WBS quiet rooms/laying on the grass pretending to study since the weather has suddenly become so nice lately and you are sick of spending money on meal deals or packed foods and want to eat something different but don’t want to waste time going back and forth to your kitchen, what do you do???

1. Make a sandwich in the morning and carry it with you in your backpack. You literally just need to put some lettuce, tomatoes, spread, ham/salami/chicken or whatever else floats your boat and carry it with you—It doesn’t take more than five minutes and is quite filling for a lunch.

2. Salads are my favorite and again don’t take more than five minutes to prepare if you have all the right ingredients with you. They are refreshing and healthy and can work as a light lunch, on one of those days you are not so hungry.

3. For the ultimate fruit experience, carry a mix of fruits which you can devour while writing your essay or just contemplating life. Season it with a syrup if you want to add a dash of flavor to your fruit experience. Some fruits, make everything so messy, so it is a good idea to cut all of them beforehand and make a salad.

4. Chocolate and cheese save all your life’s problems, and so they are essential to carry with you. AND, splurge on some Lindt or brie or blue cheese or whatever else floats your boat, because you deserve it after all the work you have done (or will do hehe). Maybe, treat yourself to the chocolate or cheese only after you think you have been most productive and done all the work you intended to do. I know, its hard to resist chocolate/cheese when it’s right next to you, waiting to be eaten, in your bag, but AT LEAST TRY. If macaroons are more your thing, then buy a pack of those, and treat them the same way.

5. However, if you don’t want to splurge, then go for Tesco’s Chocolate Chip cookies, which are heaven on earth and you get five in a pack for just ONE POUND and I am not kidding. You can find these in the bakery section in Tescos on the left side, at the far end, before the frozen pizzas section, if I am not wrong. You get milk chocolate, dark chocolate, oatmeal, M&Ms and white chocolate!!!!

6. Digestive biscuits, breakfast bars, nuts such as raisins/almonds/cashews are easy to carry and are mega healthy and full of nutrition. Almonds, are said to improve memory so get these going!!!

6. If, on the other hand, for some reason, you didn’t pack any snacks, but don’t want to end up queuing in the library café or coffee bar, there is an alternative. Five Malaysian freshers have started an event—Don’t Cook for a week ( where they will be delivering home cooked Malaysian food at low prices to the library, SU, and EVEN Westwood, everyday this week, until Friday. So try them out and your dinner is sorted for the week! (well, the next two days but whatever).

7. If all else fails and you end up queuing up and buying food from the library café or wbs café, or fusion, or wherever else, I am sure you already know but if you don’t, don’t forget to top up your eating at Warwick card because you can avail a 10% discount. The kebab van, on the piazza, is also an alternative, as it is supposedly open everyday of the week 8 PM onwards except Sunday and serves pretty decent burgers, fries, and donor kebabs.

Best of luck for your exams and have a wonderful day xxx

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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