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The Two Faces of Janus: A Reflection on the New Year

As we embark into 2019 most of us will be taking time to consider the year gone by, and the year to come. This year, as I make my way towards the end of the first week of January, I have spent some time considering these two things, and my ever-classical mind has directed my thoughts to Janus, and his two faces.

Janus, the Roman namesake god of January, is quite distinctive due to his literally two-faced nature. However, he was not represented like this because he gossiped about the other gods behind their backs (or did he, who are we to say?), but rather because he was the god of doorways, beginnings, and endings, making him the perfect deity to herald in the New Year.

And so, I have divided my January thoughts into two categories: the face of Janus looking on the last year, and the face looking forward to the new one.


The Past Face:

This year really has gone quickly. I’ve been to three new countries (four if you count a layover in Spain), survived my first year of university, and got off to a relatively good start on my second. I passed my driving test and improved my language skills. I have become closer to my friends, made some new ones along the way, and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it all. 

Of course there’s been stress, deadlines, tears, hair-tearing and general upset, but what would a good year be without a little drama? Actually, I’m really happy to say that 2018 ranked very low on the drama scale, which I’m taking to mean that the friends, old and new, are keepers.


The Future Face:

I’m not normally one for resolutions, but I’ve made a few for this year. I want to keep traveling, to keep building up my confidence with languages and in general. I also want to be more considerate of my future, to start saving for important life events and adding more to my CV. Most of all I just want to keep enjoying my time at uni, because if the last year has taught me anything it is that the four years I have at Warwick are going to be some of the quickest of my life.


Here’s to 2019!



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