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The Truth About Sharing A Room

No, your roommate is not going to murder you in your sleep. Yes, they will most likely become one of your best friends for not just uni, but for life. When choosing my accommodation on applying to Warwick, I had the option to be in a shared room. There are only two accommodation on campus which give you the option to share a room, Roots and Sherbourne, and I was applying to both. Roots is the biggest, most popular student accommodations on campus mainly due to its reputation as a ‘party’ house. Sherbourne, on the other hand, is quieter as it is quite far out from the center of campus, but being the newest accommodation, it is very modern and sleek. I asked the opinions of my friends and many immediately rejected the idea of sharing, defending themselves by proclaiming that they needed their own personal space. However, being in a shared room was considerably cheaper than being in a single room and for this reason and this reason alone, I ticked that box enabling me to be in a shared room. And I got placed in one! The first time I met my roommate was on the 3rd of October, on the Saturday of moving in. It was pouring down with rain and I had both my father and mother help me drag up five massive suitcases to my room on the fourth floor. As I was placed on the top floor and there are no lifts (in Roots), you can imagine it was quite a struggle. We knocked on the door, and wait outside the room for about 2 mins until a girl comes to the door, opens it whilst still half asleep, then goes back to her bed whilst we drag my bags in. "Still asleep at this time?!" questions my Dad jokingly. He briefly scans the room and proceeds to violently open the curtains which then fall off the rail and onto the floor. "Oops!" he laughs, "ought to get that fixed". My roommate by this time is looking very confused and bewildered and probably wondering why in the few seconds of being here, her room has now turned into a disorderly mess with bags covering the floor and her curtains hanging half off the rail. To make matters worse, the fire alarm goes off, and my family and I rush out of the room, leaving my roommate alone in the room, probably traumatised from her encounter with her new roommate. Well, that was my first encounter with her. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. We are now undoubtedly best friends and it’s so nice always having someone to be there for you. I know many of you may worry that it is an invasion of privacy, but Warwick keeps each student well occupied and whilst I’ll be in our room she may be at the library or if she’s in our room I’ll be at French Speaking Society. I do realise that this may not be the same for everyone but we have managed to find a nice balance. In the evenings when we’re not hitting up Pop!, the University’s renowned student union, we’d sit up in our beds with our teas and read together. Our love of great literature, among many interests, is what makes us so compatible and I think that Warwick’s Accommodation Team do an amazing job with pairing up like-minded people in rooms and flats. When applying to your future accommodation at Warwick, you’re able to write a short description about yourself such as your party habits, sleeping habits, and what you’re like as a person so that people can be paired with others that they’re likely to make friends with! On a side note, if anyone wants to read what I wrote for my bio, comment below. So…does sharing a room sound so bad? Or shall I rephrase that and ask you, why wouldn’t you want to share a room? I couldn’t answer that one myself. I love sharing a room, and if you want to save some extra money whilst getting a bigger room and an en suite, it’s a great investment.

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