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The top five things about Warwick (in my completely unbiased opinion)

1. It’s a campus

I always pictured myself at a city university until I visited Warwick. From that moment onwards, a campus university just made sense. Warwick has everything you need in one place, including restaurants, a pub, bars, supermarkets, sports facilities, coffee shops and all your accommodation. And of course your department! For me, having a campus to live on in first year was the perfect transition when moving away from home for the first time.

2. The Boar

The University’s student newspaper The Boar is something I’ve become really involved in over my time at Warwick, and I’d recommend anyone passionate for student journalism, or just writing in general, to do the same. It’s full of super lovely, incredibly talented people, and my university experience wouldn’t be the same without it. More generally, Warwick’s multitude of societies is something that I think makes it stand out from the crowd. I do honestly think there’s something for everyone, and your only regret will be not getting involved sooner.

3. Curiositea (and all the other SU outlets)

A bit of a specific one, but Warwick’s independent tea shop is one of my favourite things about campus. With its weekly specials and welcoming interior, Curiositea is the perfect place to relax after a lecture, catch up with friends, or get some reading done. It’s the little pieces of home you find on campus that really make Warwick special.

4. Its architecture??

While this is probably controversial, with some of Warwick’s nondescript grey buildings perhaps leaving something to be desired, I honestly love Warwick’s architecture. It’s such a mishmash of old and new, and with the oculus and all the new developments currently on going on campus, you can see how far Warwick has come. Warwick is constantly improving and evolving and I think it’s architecture displays that more than most. I’m just waiting for the day that the Koan returns to its rightful place on campus. I will undoubtedly be trekking up to Gibbet Hill to take some photos with it when I graduate!

5. It’s in the middle of nowhere, and in the middle everywhere

Warwick has a lot of green space, and I’d definitely recommend a walk by Bluebell lake. It’s surrounded by fields and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s in the middle of nowhere. But on the other hand, its transport links are second to none. You can be in beautiful Leamington in half an hour, Coventry, soon to be city of culture, in even less, and trains to Birmingham from these places run regularly. From Birmingham you can get just about anywhere. In my opinion, Warwick is the perfect place to be if you want the best of both worlds – you have a vibrant campus with pockets of green space, with numerous bustling towns and cities on your doorstep.

As you can probably tell, I’m already missing Warwick after coming home for the holidays. Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer! x

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