The time has come …. To decide which universities you might want to go to!! :O – OurWarwick

The time has come …. To decide which universities you might want to go to!! :O

For some of you the UCAS deadline is next week. Although these are not the circumstances in which you would have thought you would be making your choices, it is something that should be given much more thought that before.

For your choices you will have to pick both a firm and an insurance. Your firm offer can be considered your number one choice. The uni you want to go to. Your insurance is your back up uni. It’s the uni you would also like to go to but just a little less than the other. This is in case you do not meet the grades of your firm offer, you still have the opportunity to go to another university you have visited and want to go to.

I thought I’d write this blog on what stood out for me when I was deciding which universities to firm and insurance,

For me, the best thing about studying law at Warwick was the approach that the law school takes in teaching. We operate a ‘law in context’ system. We don’t just look at what the law is but how the law has been shaped over the last few decades and how this affects people in society today. I am well aware that not all of you are going to study a law degree but what I would recommend is , is having an in depth read about what your department teaches and how they teach it You will quickly learn that all universities have their own way of teaching and you might prefer one style over another.

Another thing I liked about Warwick is that it is a campus. It has a real homely/community vibe to it. When I was in first year I lived in Jack Martin, I was right in the middle of campus and only a few minutes away from the SU and all my classes. Being on a campus means you don’t have to travel much (but you can if you want to). In my second year I am living in Canley. It takes me around 20mins to walk into campus in the morning, so I’m able to get my exercise in at the same time.

These are two of the things I like about Warwick. I am sure there’s a lot about Warwick you’ve heard about and things that you would’ve liked when you came to visit Warwick.

Feel free to drop me a message about other aspects of campus. I wish you all the best with deciding who to put as your firm and insurance.

Filza 😊

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