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The summer after exams

Although I still have three exams left, I’m already in the summer mood and I honestly can’t wait to get out of the hectic term three revision routine. I’ve never made a bucket list before but last year I promised myself that this summer I would: 1) go solo travelling 2) live in London 3) treasure time with family & friends. I really recommend having a bucket list- especially as my holidays are over three months long!


As I finish exams on the 2nd June, I’ll be the first out of my friends to finish as some have their last one on the 18th June. Therefore, this is the perfect time for me to leave Leamington until they’ve finished and go travelling around Spain for a couple of weeks! I’ve never travelled solo before and can’t wait to step out of my comfort zone, whilst embracing the Spanish culture. I got a plane ticket from Birmingham-Madrid for £20 which is definitely a perk of not having to travel during summer holiday peak times. I’m making sure to visit: Madrid, Salamanca, Toledo, Valladolid and Guadalajara and as my mum is Spanish, I have a lot of relatives I’m able to stay with; this will be an amazing opportunity to spend time with them, improve my Spanish speaking skills and save on accommodation. I highly recommend staying in new places with uni friends too as there’s parts of the country I wouldn’t have visited if it weren’t for them! I’ve had such a simple routine this term with revision so travelling will allow me to break away from this routine and adapt to something totally new.


I love London. I love the hectic lifestyle and it really is a city which never sleeps. The busiest place I’ve ever lived in is Leamington Spa as I’ve lived in a small village my whole life. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to live in London and this summer is the perfect chance as I have a 10-week internship with Kraft Heinz in the Shard. Most of my uni friends also have internships there so I can’t wait to live near them as outside of term-time, we usually live at other sides of the country. I’ve organised my student digs near Southwark (which apparently is pronounced ‘Sutherk’ and not ‘Southwalk’), and already planned lots of evening activities and weekend trips with my friends. I’ll be able to turn 20 in London, be a proper commuter, see the sights and take in the hectic lifestyle. I can’t wait-it doesn’t feel like I’m going there to work!


Whilst I’m at uni, I rarely see my family as they live a few hours drive away and as I’ll be even further away from them when I’m working in London, I want to make sure I can meet up with them as much as possible. My sister is starting her first year at St.Andrews University the day after I finish my internship so I need to make sure to drag her down to London for some weekends filled with sightseeing and nights out. My housemates here are like brothers to me and we definitely need to make up for the full days spent at a desk during term three so we’ve planned many nights out, day-trips and chill days for when I get back from my mini Spain holiday. Before my internship, I’ll also visit my childhood best-friend who goes to Birmingham uni for a few days (free accommodation and getting to explore other cities is definitely a perk of uni friends)! I’ll also be going on a girl’s holiday to Spain in September. For those starting uni this year, I suggest making the most of your time with your friends and family from back home as you rarely get to see them whilst at uni.

My three terms at uni this year have been: hectic, busy, stressful, fun, emotional, difficult, exciting, thrilling, draining and extremely rewarding. I’m ready to recharge my batteries this summer, whilst embracing a new routine in my life (although I still have 3 three hour exams this week). I’ll also have a think about what I want to do my dissertation on and get ready for my final year but when you enjoy your degree, you don’t see such tasks as dull! I hope everyone’s exams are going well and have an amazing summer when it comes! This is definitely the age to embrace opportunities which will help you grow and step out of your comfort zone!

See you all soon 🙂 x

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