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The StudyTube Project

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In case you are new to the world of StudyTube, it is the name of a group of students and young people who vlog and document their educational experiences on YouTube. They share everything from study tips and tricks, to study-with-me’s, to coffee recommendations. Some of the big names include: Jack Edwards, Unjaded Jade, Eve Cornwell, Ruby Granger, Eve Bennett, Ibz Mo, Vee Kativhu, and Viola Helen, but there are plenty more out there!


The StudyTube Project is a collective of StudyTube royalty, posting videos about their areas of expertise and interest. These YouTubers grouped together a few weeks ago to create this channel as a way of keeping students engaged in academia amidst the school closures and exam cancellations. Many of the StudyTubers are in the same situation as we are, so I’ve enjoyed watching them and how they are dealing with education at this time. They post 5-20 minute-long videos explaining a topic that they know a lot about, all of which are beginners-level. You can learn about: anatomy, philosophy, literature, languages, astronomy, classical civilisations, archaeology, law, business, psychology, and much more. 


I would really recommend having a look at their channel – there is something there for everyone, and at the very least you’ll learn something new! It’s a great starting place if you think you might be interested in something, because they explain the basic concepts and give you suggestions for where to look next to find out more. YouTube is a melting pot of these kinds of resources, and I have been loving these kinds of videos to keep my brain ticking.


Side note – check out CrashCourse, another fantastic educational channel made by brothers Hank and John Green (as in The Fault in Our Stars…). They cover EVERYTHING. Their videos are brilliantly-made, entertaining, and very accessible for beginners. 

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