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The Student’s Union

An integral part of your experience at university (especially in the bubble that is Warwick) is your student’s union. The SU raises millions every year and is the home of Pop, the dirty duck and other places you’ll drink. But more importantly the SU spends a lot of money on our behalf for societies etc while lobbying for things that you want. A recent example that the SU has adopted is for more work spaces during exam periods; I don’t think Warwick is particularly bad for space but they’re just at maximum capacity during those horrible exam periods!

So this week (week 8 – term 2) is elections for the sabbatical officers. These officers represent students in various areas such as Welfare, Democracy, Education, Societies, Sports and President. There are also part time positions with less authority such as ethnic/minorities, ethical and environment, disabled, LGBTUA+ and women’s officer. Their role is to try and change some of the things that we as students need. So for example, this year there’s been an organised late bus leaving campus for different events – something that’s great for a society hosting a speaker late one night or some form of night out!

The choice really is ours and turnout at student meetings is incredibly low eventhough all voting is now done online. The SU really needs to push through some changes in getting people engaged and move away from fringe and controversial topics. So as typical students there are some really creative people running for each of the positions. Have a look at the manifestos of people online and see who you would vote for:

Also check out some of the great videos on youtube. Here’s some cracker’s from “Remington Spa:”

And a Harry Potter based theme for Farrah:

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