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The (necessary) struggles of self-isolation

Tanishk Saha | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Contact Tanishk

Self-isolation is a real pain. Trust me, I know; I spent 14 of the most beautiful summer days I’ve ever witnessed during my time in England through my window, resigned to completing my period of self-isolation.

It sounds like a tremendous pain; in many parts, it really is. That does not mean it becomes any less necessary or important to do. Why, you ask? Here’s my take on it.

When you’re getting to uni, especially as an international student, you’re travelling through crowded and busy airports. You potentially come in contact with innumerable people; a hotbed for a young, proliferating virus like the one plaguing our lives at this moment. What makes dealing with Mr. Corona more difficult is that the symptoms of the virus don’t really show before 10-14 days, so it becomes imperative to be safe (and keep everyone else you know safe) by really taking the self-isolation seriously.

Even if you’re exempt from self-isolation, that doesn’t imply that you’re exempt from getting the virus. I’d still recommend the heightened level of caution that is the norm currently.

Stay safe, wear your masks, sanitise your hands, and don’t overestimate your immunity and ability to combat this virus. Now is not the time for bravado; it’s time to be prudent and sensible.

In case you’re self-isolating, I recently did a takeover of the University of Warwick’s Instagram account, answering some questions your peers had about self-isolating at university. It’s up on a highlight on the University account, feel free to check it out here.

As always, take care of yourselves, stay safe, and enjoy yourself sensibly.

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Tanishk Saha | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Contact Tanishk

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